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About The Posts on This Site

Mary Gabrielle

I would like to say a few words about the posts and comments that will begin to appear on this site, now that it is active. The messages you will see come from a wide variety of people. Some are just starting to experiment with their intuition and are just beginning to investigate their spiritual gifts. Others will come from people who have worked hard to develop their talents and are quite familiar with different lines of magick, healing, and other metaphysical teachings. And still others will write messages expressing that they belong to a rare groups of beings who are physically immortal.

The letters and comments you will read are similar to the ones I have been receiving for months–ever since I launched the videos about this project on Youtube. I had to make a decision as I began to receive those letters. Some seemed very far-fetched, and it was easy to be skeptical of their words. Others simply felt that they needed support and a listening ear. Some notes were mean and accusatory. I made the decision to reply to each letter based on its own merits. If the author of the message seemed genuine to me, I treated the letter as an honest attempt to express ideas and communicate with me and answered with respect.

I will continue to do this on this site. I will approve comments that appear to be genuine. I will disapprove those that are thoughtless, cruel, or demeaning. If you find messages that are hard to believe, please consider this–Aren’t we all here to be heard with acceptance and be given the benefit of the doubt?

As you respond to messages, please be considerate. If you have legitimate questions of people leaving comments, please ask in polite terms. We are here to prepare the way for a Great Awakening. And so it will begin with us! How will we handle the unbelievable? It will be up to us to set the example for the rest of the world. If some of these comments turn out to be fiction or fantasies of their authors, there is no harm done. But, if we can’t allow for the seemingly impossible to make it’s way into our small segment of society, how can we expect to make fundamental changes to our global culture and contribute to the world as we have been called to do?

At the other end of the spectrum, as you reply to those who are just learning, please exercise patience and compassion! Try to remember the day when these things were new to you, and offer your advice as mentors who are willing to offer gentle guidance.

Thank you! And may you all enjoy your experiences on this site and fulfill your destinies as members of The Immortals Project!

Blessings to all,


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many people are now viewing and contributing on this site. Please do not share any personal information–your age, place of residence, phone numbers, or email addresses, etc., in your posts or comments. It is important to remember that your privacy is of the utmost concern. Unfortunately, we still live in a time where there are many kinds of predators–both mortal and immortal–so you must not share any information of this nature on the site as the public can view these messages. Also, please do not share this kind of information with other users. While I am generally proud of those who contribute content here, I do not know our users or members personally. Therefore, I cannot assure you of your safety with regards to interactions with them. Please be cautious as you would on any forum or blog. Continue to share, and I will continue to monitor the comments and do what I can from this end to protect your privacy. If you feel it is important for me to know your age or other more personal things about you, please contact me directly via my email. Thank you, dear ones! Please continue to contribute and share with all of us! We all look forward to how we can help each other and learn from one another. Just use wisdom as you proceed!



  1. mayra says:

    yo si creo en que estamos rodeados de seres muy espesiales, talves yo no sea uno. pero a la verdad, me gustaria conocer.

  2. Mayra,
    Thank you for leaving your comment. I took it over to the Google translator to understand it, as I don’t speak Spanish…I appreciate you taking the time to write and hope that we will get more people here who do speak Spanish so that they may communicate with each other.


  3. Want to be Vampire says:

    Do you happen to know where one of the last 7 immortal bloodlines are, by any chance?
    Angela or maybe a Dylan? I know very little about the last 7 immortal bloodlines, but I would love to talk to one of those two, If I could.
    Ive heard alot about the Vampires and Im a strong believer, but I find it so hard to believe when everyone thinks they arent alive and never have been alive.

    Would it be possible for a mortal to turn, without the help of a Vampire?


    • Hello! And Welcome to the Immortals Site!

      I would like to say first that I am not at liberty to reveal anyone’s whereabouts. If I did know of Angela or Dylan, I would not be able to share any of their personal information with anyone. One of the best things about the Immortals Project is that we hope to offer a safe place for Immortals to gather and share information without fearing any threats to their privacy. If one of these that you seek happens to come across this site and would like to respond to you, that would be their choice, but I am simply not able to help in any way that would jeopardize the identity of any member of this Network.

      Immortals and others who have unusual talents gained from one or more of the 7 Immortal Soul Lines must be protected as they already have to deal with issues of danger and disrespect on a daily basis. We must all remember this as we proceed, and we must be careful not to disturb those who do not want their privacy invaded in any way.

      As to your other questions. It is ok to believe in something that your heart tells you is true. A perfect example of this is “love.” How many of us actually get the chance to see healthy love in action? Perfect, healthy love is actually very rare in this realm, and yet we all seem to know just what it would feel like in our hearts. And so we go on looking for that feeling. Your heart and mind will whisper many things to you that have their basis in truth and fact that won’t always be able to be supported with proof of the physical nature. If you believe that The Immortal Vampire does exist, then this may be a clue to you that you have ties to this line, or that your soul remembers truth and is trying to speak to you about such things.

      Can a mortal “turn” without the help of a Vampire?

      This is a complex question. There are many who will disagree with my answer, but I will offer the words that my source has told me to pass onto you. My beloved Marcus has been quite clear with me that no one, not even another vampire, actually has the power to “turn” anyone. He has said that you either have the Vampire lines or you don’t. I know that many who are vampires, remember someone who they claim has turned them in some way. Marcus would say that this would not actually amount to a “turning” of someone into something they weren’t already destined to be. Instead, he would say that the act of the “turning” simply served as a physical ritual to remind the person of the Lines already inside of him or her. The act serves as an anchor for them so that they can progress with more knowledge and have a better acceptance of who they are.

      Also, there are different types or degrees of Vampire. There are those who carry such strong and pure lines that they actually have extended life-spans and great powers inherited through their lineage and years of training. Others are younger souls and awaken in a more “spiritual” way, never exhibiting extra longevity or legendary powers. Others fall somewhere in-between these groups. They know that they carry Vampire Lines, and they do what they can to enhance their gifts, but they are here to work with other energies less dense than physical matter. These are the Vampires who, with practice, can become very skilled at energy transformation.

      You will need to examine why you have a desire to be a Vampire? Is it because you already are, and your soul is stirring inside of you trying to give you a message to begin to learn about your heritage? Is it because you feel that you are unique and because the Vampire is the most obvious of the Immortal Lines, it’s where you think you may belong? There are many ways to be special and powerful and Immortal, and they do not all manifest through Vampire Lines. No one else can determine this for you. Only you will know. Ask yourself! Learn about the different lines and see where your heart leads you…

      I hope this response has been somewhat helpful to you. There is always so much more to discuss along these lines. I’ll be writing more about it as time goes on. I do want to welcome you, dear one, and let you know that you can come here anytime and ask questions or tell of your experiences.

      Take care,

      If you are supposed to come into contact with a physically immortal vampire, that day will come. That Immortal will find you! In the meantime, the responsibility rests on your shoulders to study yourself and strengthen the spiritual gifts you have so that, whatever happens, you will be ready!

  4. Joe Facundo says:

    hello.my name is joe, and this is the first time ive come across a site like this,its a weird sensation i have as im writing this to you. your site has captivated me and makes it apparent that there are others out there like me..im still a bit cautious about this project you are creating but it appears to be one of genuine and honest work.i agree with your ideas and i understand them for the most part.im just curious to know..are there others out there like me.like us i guess.ive been battling these thoughts and dreams and ideas for a long time.im tired of the loneliness,and i want to know if what you are doing here is real.and if it is,if i can somehow learn more and as much as i can.i want to continue learning.i must.i cant stop here.ive gone to far to let this end so suddenly.its not time.i will survive.i just need to know if there are others who will fight to survive with me..like i said.im tired of the loneliness.

    • Hello Joe & Welcome!

      I think you’ll find that many people here feel like you do. Like you, they are tired of feeling so alone and want to find others who will understand them. Yes! Absolutely Yes! This Project is for real! I live every day of my life for it! Of course, I have just begun, so we still have a long ways to go, and it will take patience and work to build it up, but we’re on our way!

      I’m not sure about your specific needs or dreams, but any time you feel like sharing, please feel free. You can also email me directly if that’s more comfortable for you. I will help in any way I can. Also, I think as we grow, more and more people will meet and have answers for each other. That’s what’s nice about the blog and soon to come Forum. It gives everyone the chance to start meeting and sharing.

      I am moderating comments now, just to make sure no one says anything hurtful or insulting, so you can be sure that this will be a safe and supportive environment.

      Take care…please write more anytime, and take a look around at the different pages…I know you will find Soul Brothers and Sisters here already!


      • Fuer Midnyte says:

        hey. my name is Fuer Midnyte. i just joined today. i was browsing, and i clicked on something that showed me my user ID. if you need anything, like, with duties and all them, just contact me. thanks.


        • wolfx000 says:

          u just joined what bloodline do u think u are and how do u know…..im just curious because im not sure realy wat i am but i can fell that i was meant to accoplish something great……..just reply to me if u can thank u……….

          • Hello and Welcome Wolfx000!

            I do apologize for it taking me so long to reply to your first post. I have had some very hectic days and also had to give a lot of time to the Forum site. I am so glad you’ve found us and hope you will continue to learn more about yourself and the Project as you visit the sites and read more.

            Remember, you don’t have to worry too much about fitting into a specific Bloodline at first. Time will tell where your belong…:) The fact that you know you are here to contribute to something big and accomplish something great shows that you are ready to be part of this Gathering should you choose to be. It’s very important that you fulfill your own personal destiny at the same time that you help others. So, we want to be able to answer personal questions for you too.

            If you haven’t already done so, you might want to visit the Forum site because there are many chances to ask very specific questions there and others who have experiences with many different things and are willing to help and share…:)

            That site is: http://www.ImmortalsConnection.com

            In the meantime, bless you and let me know if you have any specific questions. Take your time trying to understand the bloodlines and see which types of energy feel the most like your own…


  5. Bree says:

    Wow I love this it makes so much sense now!

  6. Katina says:

    Hello my name is katina, and i have somewhat of a..wierd question.I somewhat already know what I am, and i think i know what i have to do.When it comes to the immortal sense, i am, in conciousness immortal.My body dies, but i hop to another and live through life again and again and again.Iv been through fusteration and anger, sadness, then acceptence, then the cycle starts all over again emotionally.I am very tired.I dont know exactly where i fall in the categories of your blood line, but i know what i was in my first origional life.What pulled me to this page was that immortals have tasks and visions of the world to come.I already seen mine, and i can feel what I have to do. The visions of the world i saw and felt for decades now is not good.But long ago i had four companions that traveled with me and we had something important to do but failed.I cant remember that part of what we were supposed to do.I am not sure if they are immortal like me in this way, but who knows. I also know of worlds beyond this place, in murky memories of mine.I have many questions and hope you can respond.Email is also ok, if you wished to respond in that way.

    • Hello & Welcome Katina!

      I find your words very interesting and would like to know more about your original life and what you think you were at that time. Also, I would love to hear more about your visions of the world. When I first began to have the recurring dreams and visions about the Gathering, they involved a lot of bad dreams and negative, sad visions. I found myself in tears nearly every night for a year–feeling the weight of all the world’s present and future pain. Now, I am seeing different things–much more positive! Perhaps that’s because I am finally getting to the task of launching this Gathering, and as the people find it, it might already be helping the world.

      The effects of your energies finding each other and aligning will have very great affects–even before we are consciously aware of those affects. As I say, I definitely would like to know more about your visions. I am also intrigued by your association with “four companions.” Are these people or beings that you feel you have incarnated with previously? If so, do you sense that you have found any of them again in your current life? I’m thinking, they might show up here, as a part of the Immortals Project and find you again that way. It sounds like the five of you might have some pretty powerful bonds, abilities, and an important task to fulfill.

      Try not to worry about the memories you can’t recall. I think those will come to you when the time is appropriate. Sometimes, we’re not ready for those memories, and so we have to wait before we get to see the whole picture. I know we have a lot more to discuss, but I’ll leave you with this reply for the time being…Thank you so much for your comments…my heart is with you…I do understand your pain and frustration…Hang in There!!!


  7. Katina says:

    My visions for a long time have not been good, and when you say you have woken up in tears, so have I. I have woken up as though there has been a great lost to my heart.I have woken up as though thinking the world has gone quiet and that my parents are actually gone.I have woken up thinking i was a survivor of a cataclsym and i am alone. As for my companions.Three of them were males and we were bonded by strong friendship through all the things we had been through.My fourth one, i had fallen in love with and gaurded her. But she past away with a sickness before my death.Which is another thing, in my visions i am left gaurding a girl. Not sure if it is because of my last love or because it needed or will need to happen. I think they may have reincarned like have with the exception of my fourth companion.I feel them but dont know where they are. But yes, there is a task i left unfinished and need to complete. And my memories come with age so i know i have to wait unfortunatly.As for what i origionally was, that is a entire story in its self so maybe we can talk more about it in email.Thank you so much for your reply! i really appreciate it.

    • Dear Katina,
      Thank you for sharing. I think the more we can share on this site, the more we will help others who find it and are feeling similar things. So I really appreciate it…:) I also understand how you would like to continue by email. I know some things are just too personal for the site. That would be fine. You can email me at: [email protected]

      Please write anytime, I’m looking forward to hearing from you…


  8. Veronica Gomez says:

    When I first discovered your website, I thought it was going to be a total fraud. But as I read on and I found that I believe every word that you have written. Though most people would be skeptic, I not most people. Even though I’ve just reccently turned 13, I know a lot more than most people give me credit for. . . in other words I’m immortal.

    • Dear Veronica,

      I’m so glad that you’ve found the site. And I’m also glad that you approach things cautiously. To be skeptical can be a healthy thing. I’m one myself…and believe me, when I first started seeing all this in dreams and visions years ago, I was the biggest skeptic of all! I think that’s why I had so many stops and starts–I just couldn’t believe it. I’m now in a very different place, and I know it’s the time to move forward. Please feel free to come here often and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

      You are welcome here! And I hope to be hearing more from you…

      Blessings to you, dear one,

  9. Want to be Vampire says:

    The reason I want to be a vampire is the fact that i feel like theres more I should be. Like theres a different part to me that I havent figured out yet, plus Ive always had a way of seeing things that werent always normal for a mortal. I’ve also been had great hearing since I was younger as in I could hear a pin drop when I three doors down from a house or place, which to me not every human can hear Come to think of it most mortals cant hear something like that. I feel unquie compared to a mortal and I was looking up things about vampires the most recently and thought that might help me find out what ive been trying to find for most of my life.

    Plus recently Ive been dealing with something i dont usually have, recently ive been able to see things and a few minutes or a few days later I see that they’ve happened and its starting to creep me out. I dont excatly know what to do about it and everyone who sees me zone out for a few minutes, is starting to think im crazy.


  10. Walter Flannigan says:

    Dear Mary Gabrielle,

    Could you please tell us a little about how you came to the conclusion that the “otherkin” truly exist?

    Sincerely, Walter

    • Hello Walter,

      Welcome to the Immortals Site! I think that the Otherkin is a very complex subject. I have put several types of beings into that category, knowing that they exist, but also aware that they are all very different. For example, those who relate to mythical beings such as the Unicorn or the Pegasus may be experiencing a strong memory overlay of a previous existence as one of those majestic beings in another incarnation–perhaps in a 3 dimensional realm or in another type of dimension altogether. The same might be said for the Fae and Elven folk.

      I, myself, have clear memories and meditative experiences of being among the Fae. I know that I still carry the essence of the Fae and exhibit signs of their nature in my current human incarnation. My connection with them also allows me to access them and sometimes communicate. These kinds of spiritual overlays are far more common than we know. And I believe that’s why so much fiction exists dealing with all kinds of Otherkin–our souls are remembering at a subconscious level and are expressing our memories through art and fantasy.

      There are also some, like certain Shape Shifters, who have come to earth and live with unique physical characteristics. Not only do they most likely share a spiritual link to certain species, but they have inherited the ability to actually change their physical state into another species at at certain times. Understandably, those Therians who actually possess this talent must guard their natures from the outside world. Humans are all too inclined to prod and poke for selfish reasons and also don’t have a good track record when it comes to respecting differences among life forms. We can be a cruel and ignorant species at times.

      Many other shape shifters simply come with strong spiritual lines still intact from their previous existences. These people find themselves in human bodies, but they escape and transform themselves in meditation and dream work into the bodies of other creatures and beings–very often into animal forms. We hear from these Therians more often than those listed above. Since their transformations are occurring in altered states, they are more free to discuss their experiences without so much risk.

      And then we have the Otherkin that I refer to as the Extra-terrestrials. I have been fortunate to meet with someone who actually had a background with the government and many of the UFO cover ups. We are simply surrounded by extra-terrestrial forms of life. Some have visited here, some helped to establish our species and settle our planet, others access us through portals of other dimensions, and still others are currently among us and blend in very well. There are some who would harm us and are not aligned with higher ideals and there are also many who are here to help. It is a vast and complex topic. I think that’s why there is always so much confusion and debate about it. Some seek hard proof in the form of crashed air-crafts and such while others struggle with astral abductions and more ethereal experiences. I believe that all types of contact exists. Including “walk-ins” and other forms of humans who carry strong overlays of extra-terrestrial influence.

      There are still others–angels, daemons, and beings yet unimagined that I would place into this category. I know that through the work on the Immortals Project, we will learn from others more about these secret, magickal beings. To answer “how” I have come to the conclusion that all these beings exist, I’d have to say it’s from a combination of my own background, memories, dreams, visions, meetings with people privileged to knowledge most of us don’t have, research, study, direct experiences, and intuition.

      I hope some of this message is helpful to you. Please continue to visit and share your feelings and questions…:)

      Take care,

  11. Joshua says:

    Hi my name is Joshua. I stumbled accross your site here and I have to wonder if you have a accuriate test or something, yes many of the quizzes I have taken say I am an old soul and amny say I am a werewolf based on s few questions, many say that I am an guardian and, leader, a teacher, and almost pure good, some say I am an angle. Do you have a quiz with many questions to test the persons attrabutes and see what they are. I am naturally drawn to these sort of things because of my family history and because these things are naturally drawn to me. When I was growing up my grandmother always said it was like I did not belong here because I somehow knew things no child should know and knew words she had never even heard of and tell of places and kingdoms that were fantastic that she told me was just my imagination and that I needed to live in trhis world,( I vremember telling her that she needed to move to my world because it was better). when I want to school much of what I knew I repressed naturally because they thought something was wrong so they sent me to a psychologyst and they said I was a geneous for my age. I had to repress what I knew so I would stop drawing attention and be able to communicate on the same level as everyone else because I was on a higher plain of thought then my parents, and now I am having trouble bringing it back out bcause it has been repressed sence I was 6, I am ment to lead and I am also a warrior though I do not fight anymore, not sense I got out of the military but I am also ment for a lot of things I feel. When I was in the military the solders used to call me the “golden child”,(I was not sure to take it as a complament or if they were trying to insault me), most of the solders liked me, most of my superiors did not because they thought I may take their job or thought I was disrespectful. (one tried to get me dishonorably discharged but all he could do is get me honorably discharged by getting me diagnosed with aspergers syndrome but I wanted out anyway to get home and help my family who was having a hard time and he had trouble dishonorably discharging me for a mental issue because I had been to Iraq). Can you please come up with a test based on your obsurvations so it is easier to know what you are? I also sent you a message on youtube it was from Joshua23A1986. I do not want anyone to know much about me because I intend to help this world and you can not help people if people reject you because they think you are insane and that is what people will think if they find out that I think I had lived before and I am here to help and lead.

    • Dearest Joshua,

      I can see that you have been through so much. I feel that you were indeed meant to do some great things, but your road has been a difficult one. I welcome you to our site and hope we can offer you some answers and support.

      At this time, I don’t have any specific quizzes, but I think that would be a good idea. I do want you to know, that just finding the site, and having the interest that you have shows that you are probably meant to be here and carry some of these Immortal Lines inside of you. Believe me, if you didn’t, you would have passed right by without even stopping…:)

      I looked for your message on Youtube, and didn’t see it. You can also email me personally at: [email protected]

      However, I want you to know, that because I get so many emails, it has been hard to answer them quickly–even though I want to so badly. If you do send emails, please have patience as it will take me some time to get back to you.

      In the meantime, please continue to read and visit the sites. I truly hope that some of the information about the Project can help you feel better in some way, and I would greatly appreciate your participation too.

      With blessings to you,

  12. Maria says:

    Hi, my name is Maria and I’m in high school. I found this site since I’ve been researching and really trying to discover more about psychic abilities (which I’ve been really drawn to the past year or so–I alway will practice, and then I drift back to other things, so I’m not really developed; I mainly just know about facts I find.) and I feel like I want to do something big one day…I feel like I am meant to do something for this world, but I just have no clue as to how to help with something like that or what it would even be…

    Do you know anything that could help me find out what I’m meant to do? I believe that I am meant to do something for someone, something, anything, that will help others any way I can…Sorry to bother you. I hope you have a nice day. 🙂

    • Hello Maria! And Welcome to The Immortals Site!

      I can feel how genuine you are and how much you would like to discover your true purpose. I think that is so admirable. I know that you are on a good path as you are so honestly looking for the best way to proceed and work with your potential gifts. I think it would be wonderful if you continued to investigate the Immortals Project, and maybe we could help you with some of the questions you have.

      I think it might be helpful for you to visit the Forum if you haven’t already done so. There is a special Group and Forum Section just for Immortal Teens. It might be a good place to start. You can also read through any of the other threads that interest you and ask any questions there as well. There are so many people using the Forum–http://www.immortalsconnection.com–now, that it can be a real help as you continue your learning process. They have so many great ideas!

      You can visit the Forum by CLICKING HERE! It will take you to the Home/Landing Page.

      You can read through the articles there and then click on the tab called Forum to enter the Forum itself. I think that may be the next best step for you…:)

      Let me know if you do have any more specific questions now or if you have any trouble accessing the Forum.

      Blessings to you,

  13. shaun says:

    Hi this is a message for Katina i believe i may have experienced the same dream as you with a line of fire in the sky. please comment back to let me know if they are similar.

  14. Mar says:

    I emailed you just today but I stumbled onto this forum so I will take a swing. I’m a little squeamish about posting this story because I have already done so (few years ago on ATS) and also because well the few people I have told would know its me 🙂

    I was 4 years old the first time. My mother tucked me into bed and as she left a man slid through the crack, there was about an inch gap only. I was immediately scared of him but as he entered I was frozen in bed. I began to cry, but I could not speak. He never hurt me, he approached me and simply said “where ever you go I will go, I will always be right around the corner”

    I was raised trilingual but I cannot tell you what language he said it in I understood more than heard I guess though he did speak.

    He was a very well dressed and good looking man he was white, black hair suit and tie he had a top hat.

    I was born in Brazil, we didn’t have people who looked like that and could afford such things at that time.

    I fought with my logical side, could have been sleep paralysis, coupled with lucid dreaming, or I could simply be going crazy. At a very young age I started to really SEE myself. I was scared, so many potentially wrong things, so many ways to be defective.

    He appeared again at the age of 11, this time though I knew I wasn’t crazy I room full of people more 30 men saw him. Everyone was frozen in place, and I saw big strong men at the time in tears. He looked exactly the same way, he even brought along the hat, it felt like it was almost a desire that I recognize him.

    You could imagine how welcomed I was among those people afterwards, the man was clearly there for me, because of me…who knows. I was instantly shunned by all the parents and I was not allowed to be near any of their children. It went so far as being saying that I was calling on demons. That doesn’t go well for a son of a preacher.

    So time has passed I am in my late 20s now, and so much has happened, so many things experienced, some amazing others horrible. I just want to know, whatever there is to know 🙂

    I can accept that some questions are not answered in a line or a books worth, some answers are expressed through how someone lives, but this doesn’t feel like that. I just don’t have the place to ask the questions.

    I few years ago someone was talking about someone in Connecticut ( I live on the east coast), they had almost the identical story to mine, so I know that there has to be some semblance of an answer out there.

    I am sorry for the novel I left on here. I don’t know if I will get what I want from it either. I have looked everywhere that I am capable of, but I will not stop, us people from the south SOUTH are pretty stubborn 🙂

    Be well

  15. Jonnydemonico says:

    I really need too talk too you, I haven’t seen anything or heard anything until now, but please get back too me, I seen some of your videos online, on youtube, and I just really need too talk, if you have the time, thank you.


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