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Immortals-Vibrations, Alignment & Separations

I decided to record this post and offer it to you as a Podcast since there was so much to say. I felt it would involve too much writing, and that if I recorded it, I could share these ideas and feelings with you much sooner…:) This message is timely as it relates to some things that I have been going through myself and have now received letters from you expressing that similar things are happening in your life. This post is about the changing world paradigm. Vibrational alignment will become a guiding factor in your lives and while this new shift is exciting and appropriate, it can also come with sudden changes that aren’t always easy to swallow.

I have included this Podcast in the Newsletter Issue that I sent out today. If any of you are signed up to receive the Immortals Newsletter and don’t get the Issue for July 6, 2010 within the next 48 hours, please let me know. (If you have not signed up for the Newsletter and would like to do so, you can by clicking on the following link. This will open up a web form where you can enter your information and subscribe. You will then receive an email with a link that you must click in order to confirm your subscription and begin to receive your newsletters. Here is that link: Immortals Newsletter Sign-Up Form You can always choose to unsubscribe at any time, and your personal contact will always be kept confidential and never shared with a third party.)

As I mentioned in the Newsletter, some of the recordings will be posted on this site. Most of them will be accessible on the Immortals Podcast Site–www.immortalspodtalk.com

And others will only be available through the Newsletter Subscription. This is to ensure that only those who are the most interested in the Project receive the extra broadcasts. In no way is it meant to be hidden or kept secret. The Newsletter is open to all. But, I do not want to invade the privacy of those who are merely curious or “just looking” for now…:)

CLICK HERE To Listen to The Recording–Vibrations, Alignment & Separations

Thank you and I look forward to your comments!




  1. Jen says:

    Very interesting, your comments and ideas sound Taoist in theory (go with the flow, be the cork).
    I’ve always been a believer in things happening for a reason. It’s very ironic(?) that during a transition period in my life, where I walked away from the negative forces that challenged and caused me to alter my course, I stumble across this site.
    Its funny (or not 🙂 ) I’ve always tried to avoid people that I felt were life force consumers, people who are chronically unhappy no matter how good things are. It would be refreshing to meet/talk to like-minded people.
    My only question and this may preclude me… but how do I know if I’m an immortal? I consider myself to be very open-minded, spiritual but non-denominational (I pick and choose from different religions and avoid the negative or self-loathing bits), I believe in vibrations and other dimensions/alternate realities etc. I do not have any special gifts or do not possess any extra insights to anything in the present or future. So how do I know or find out? I would be interested in any theories. Thank you Jen

  2. Brennan says:

    um when was the new news letter supposed to be sent out. i still havent got it yet and was hoping that i could get a copy of it sent to me. thank you

    • Dear Brennan,

      I’ve just checked the AWeber newsletter subscriber list and it says that you are active and have received all of the three issues I’ve sent out so far. Would you mind checking your spam mail box just to make sure that the Issues didn’t get in there by accident. Let me know if you still don’t see anything. It might be necessary to re-register or something as I’m not able to add you. It has to be an opt-in registration.

      Let me know what you find out…:) We’ll solve this…


  3. Darkmoon says:

    I believe that you will feel it deep within you. You have a thurst for knowledge and are seeking truth. You are picking and choosing things that you will unknowingly need to fulfill your purpose. That tells me that you may be an Immortal. We don’t all possess special powers as you call them. I call them gifts. Maybe you like to see the good in all that you come in contact with. Maybe since you opt to leave the negative behind, you are a healer in some way. I’m most deffinately a Creator, although I have many gifts. My deepest desire, daily, is to create something from most anything I see. I also want to Love the entire world. This seems most urgent to me. I am new here, and am searching for direction as well. You need to look within to find that which leads you down your path. That which you desire most. What do you “feel”? Maybe then you can find your Immortal line. I wish you Peace and Love.

  4. mayra says:

    hi mg. i like the thing that you said about many of us come from christian i will say families because i am one. i still feel confused about all of this but i’ll like to keep reading if you don’t mind

  5. mayra says:

    thank you!! i will like to tell you that i keep dreaming about places that i only see in my dreams.and that a have been there long time ago. two nights ago i dream something different: i saw a man dark skin and he looked like a 40 years old, and hi is a vampire was getting ready to fight but in the dream i know he is good because i feel that he is. i also saw a big man a taking a little girl but soon the big man sow the vampire he ran away. what you think about that?

    • Dear Mayra,

      When I read this message of yours, I had such a strong sense of connection to it. I myself went through a dream similar to yours where I met my dear Marcus who is an ancient Vampire and has helped me ever since. We will want to talk more about this…I almost wondered if you didn’t meet my Marcus yourself!

      I will be in touch with you about it soon…


  6. mayra says:

    yes?!! the dream have a lot more details but like i said in the pass is not ease for me to write in English, so i made it short.

  7. aarion says:

    i feel the changes in the air that time is going away but passing by even faster in time i need new methods oh mary is there methods you will share with me to help speed the process of ascension please come back to me with something perhaps if one of the viewers of this page can guide me in please?

  8. aarion says:

    i feel the there are those of you who can help me with these aspirations i have no leads i need some support please will you help us? me and mine are foccused so much on our union and we want to ascend fast oh mary you seem to be one of high quarters please share support with us just us please ask the others to help us me and mine i ve herd you are teaching and gathing few and several of the wise and prolonged please help me and mine mary.

  9. aarion says:

    hey mary whats up its ryan hey i just watched another movie on youtube you really have some dedication on this gathering hugh.. hey you dont look immortal but you sure are supported by some super energy i think you got connections on the big leagues lol well hey im online hit me back up i had somme questions for you and the other peeps on the site i been alive for half a century make likee 66 years ol d next years yeah well i like games alot and i drink a lot of soda eat chocolate and scarf my face with caroots veggies and bloody a staeks but im cool to chat with i love your site and peeps on it and ya know sumthin mary i love you too lololol well im on can you send me replys thanks.
    ps you have my blessing.late

  10. emerald says:

    Hi MG! I would just like to know further about this project.

    1) So once we identify w/ our bloodline, what exactly do you expect us to do? I find some of your recordings too general.
    2) How do you propose to organize us for the gathering?
    3) When is this gathering supposed to happen?
    4) What exactly are you expecting w the Gathering?
    5) How are we to prepare for when we immortals will “rule” the world and turn it into a peaceful loving place in unison with the universe?

  11. jeffro2120 says:

    Patience and Faith are a few of our greatest assets

  12. MagentaAshes says:

    Hello My name is Magenta.

    I stumbled on your youtube account while looking up Asetian Bloodlines and researching Aset Ka. I would love to have more interaction with you and possibly do an over the phone podcast with you about the immortality project. Please email me at [email protected] as soon as possible. I can’t wait to speak to you.

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