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Otherkin & Other Realms



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  3. Samantha Marie says:

    Dear Imortal Person,

    How do you know if you are imortal? Is it like when I get cut and suck my blood or when I eat uncooked steak because of the blood and are warewolves real? If so I think I might be one because I love the outdoors and I love being in forests. Also I can run really fast when chasing squrriels and birds and other animals smaller than me! And one more thing that you might not be able to answer why don`t guys like me, whenever I look into seth`s ( a boy i like) eyes it is as if he is hipnotized and can`t look away and my eyes are normally grey and sometimes they turn bright green!

    Please send me a message,


    (but nobody calls me that because my “parents” say samantha is my real name)

    • Hello Deseria,

      Thank you for your message. I removed a bit of information you shared. I don’t want anyone to have your personal information like your age, please be careful when you post and don’t put any personal info–(age or place of residence on the posts)…Also, don’t share any of that with other users, as this site is open to all on the Internet! Just to be cautious!

      It definitely sounds like you have some Shape Shifter Lines in you. If you haven’t already, read through the Otherkin and Therian pages and let me know what you think. I do want to hear about more of your experiences. It sounds like things are beginning to happen for you.

      Take care…talk to you soon,

    • Hello Again!

      I just realized you left this message on the Otherkin page, so of course you’ve read it…so sorry! If you haven’t read the Therian page yet, you might want to do that. Also, read through the different Immortal Blood Lines pages…I think you will find those interesting too.


    • Dear Deseria,

      There is another Otherkin Page to look at. It’s in the left sidebar–Otherkin & Other Realms–it has info there. Also, under that page is one about Therians…:)


      You can let me know which name you would like to be called here, by the way…:)

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