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Conspiracy Theory-New Video on Youtube Channel

Mary Gabrielle Conspiracy Video

Conspiracy Theory–Becoming Informed

I’ve finally added a new video to my Youtube channel. I know it’s been a long time coming…:)

A couple weeks ago, I received the phrase that: Immortals must have informed minds, compassionate hearts, and focused magickal intent to accomplish their task.

I feel that beginning to uncover the truth behind much of the propaganda we are exposed to will be a first step towards having “informed minds.”

Here is the link to the video:   Conspiracy Theories & The Immortals Project

I look forward to your feedback!


NOTE: Don’t forget you can see all the videos I’ve uploaded so far on my Youtube Channel: 




  1. aeris says:

    hello mary im aeris i have been away but i have returned for a short while to see what is new well??

  2. aeris says:

    i hope you have been progressive in gathing us up i wish for you to tell them welcome that i am please to see them gathering i pray their time as yours is well. i wont be here long but i will come back feel free to talk to me.

  3. Very informative content, thanks. Will be back soon

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