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How This All Began…

How did the Immortals Project begin?

Who is Mary Gabrielle?

What is The Gathering?

This important project has been developing behind the scenes for many years. More than a decade ago, I began to have dreams and waking visions about the great Gathering that would soon commence and, as it is accomplished, would change the course of history forever. The dreams led me down new paths of awakening, research, intuition, and interaction with others who were also receiving related information through channeling, inspiration, and other informed sources.

Apparently, it is now time to reshape our collective destiny as a species and, with grace, inject our planet Earth into a very powerful galactic alliance that serves our beloved universe in the highest sense. The changes that will manifest will begin to take place as existing portals of power are replaced by very different types of energy centers. To move forward with dignity and evolve into what we have always been destined to be, we must learn how to replace greed and self-serving interests with compassionate, humanitarian efforts, and our goals must become expanded to include all mankind rather than to remain so narrowly focused on individual, or even national and regional gains–we are ONE world!

For some unknown reason, I have been chosen to offer these messages to you and share the visions in hopes of finding those of you who feel called to become a part of this Great Gathering. I have, quite consistently, attempted to run away from the images I have received. I have postponed launching this project many times. Very often, I feel afraid and inadequate in many ways–never sure how this important task could have possibly landed on my weak shoulders. But, in spite of all my hesitations and delay tactics, the Project continues to grow inside of me each day. Messages continue to flow into my head and heart and, those who share these ideas with me continue urging me forward, eager that I  relay those messages to you. I do not view myself as superior in any way. Nor do I perceive myself as any type of enlightened guru. I feel that I am quite ordinary, and yet, it seems I have been assigned this task–to honor my life’s calling as your messenger and help you find one another. Perhaps I have been given this task simply because I am willing to listen, share, and honor the assignment to the best of my abilities.

The Immortals Project will be fulfilled by an amazing network of beings. These remarkable humans and other counterparts inherit ancient Immortal Soul Lines which include the Vampires, the Artisans and Creators, the Physical Healers, the beloved Priests and Priestesses, Visionary Messengers, Mystical Shamans, and High Magi Alchemists. This extraordinary network also includes Otherkin of all types–Extra Terrestrials, Ambassadors from the Fae and Elven Realms, Mythical Beings, Shape-shifters of all kinds, and all others called to be part of this work. Although scattered through all dimensions of time and space, representatives from each important realm will assist us with our evolution.

It is my suspicion that one of those very special beings may very well be YOU! As you will hear me say over and over again, there are very few accidents! A magical synchronicity is woven deeply into the fabric of this Gathering. As you have found this site, it is likely that you may have something to contribute to this new energy forming. This Project is held together by a sort of “vibrational” glue. It is powerful and cannot be undone. It is foreordained and those of you who are a part of this have been called long before this time of your current incarnation. Your souls are ancient and wise. You will either resonate with the message or not. This is not a group for everyone. I realize that.

The Members of this Immortals Network have specific vibrations in common. They resonate to certain “wavelengths,” and it is critical that we form our Network with others who feel and share these similar vibrations. For that reason, we will never worry about appealing to the masses. It is only important for those meant to be a part of this to find one another. As you come together, you will find new strength, new gifts, expanded energy, and enhanced manifestation abilities. Your individual power will unfold exponentially as you work together to bring about our Awakening! This harmonious combination of resonating energies is called “synergy,” and it will prove to be one of our greatest assets as we move forward.

So, if you feel a tug at your sleeve, a slight nudge in this direction, a sharp shove, or a barely audible whisper to align with The Immortals Project, please do continue to read on and learn more about it. Please investigate all the information that is currently available! The world has been waiting a very long time for you! Let this sacred Gathering Begin!

Mary Gabrielle

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