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Fae, Elven, & Mer Folk

Fae, Mer and Elven Folk

The Immortal Fae, Elven & Mer Folk

What comes to my mind first for this post are lots of adjectives! It’s as if all these busy creatures are shouting away at me as I type. Evidently, they want to make sure I don’t miss listing any of their compelling personality traits. So, to appease the chattering Fair Folk, I’ll just start by tossing these random descriptions onto the page as they come to me. Precocious, precarious, adventurous, amorous, sensitive, mischievous, unpredictable, fragile, tenacious, diligent, light-hearted, playful, joyful, mournful, hopeful, beautiful, charismatic, charming, enchanting, dangerous, frivolous, delicate, royal, ethereal, earthy, practical, paradoxical, light, dark, urban, tribal, intelligent, endearing, loyal, sneaky, magical, musical, graceful…and the list goes on…

If any of you have the Fair Folk Spiritual Overlays or have interactions with these special beings, you will most likely have come into contact with or share some of the personality characteristics listed above. These charmers are full of vivacity and have a great zest for life! However, from personal experience, I can tell you that there are many serious issues that concern them in spite of their reputation for frivolity. Their realms seem to overlap very closely with our planet–and sometimes even seep into our reality through portals like fairy rings and sirens’ calls. Living so close to us, they are sometimes able to make their presence known. Because young children are more sensitive to slight shifts in vibration, they are often the first to report faerie sitings and firmly insist that they play with these delightful beings on a regular basis.

In my experience, these beings tend to be connected to natural elements and seem to care about environmental issues. It’s almost as though our planet’s physical health sustains their cultures in some way. They seem to be very closely linked to nature here in our dimension, even though they themselves reside in higher and less dense vibrational realms. Most sitings and activities with them occur in natural surroundings, although there are also those who prefer to be indoors. In vision and meditation, I have seen royal courts and visited some of their dimensions; and it would appear that they inhabit their own unique worlds, so this closeness to and reliance on ours is rather perplexing to me. I can only guess that, because the ones we are dealing with at this time are more evolved, they must realize how connected all things are and are trying to teach us about the value of environmental health–both for our well-being as humans as well as for the good of all worlds.

I’ve had the pleasure to be in touch with a dear Immortal Family who is very closely tied to the Fae. Yes, I said family! Both young parents and their three young children carry Immortal Lines as well as a the Fae Overlay. You can imagine how entertaining their household is! They are very good at honoring the messages these beings communicate to them–as well as tolerating their sometimes annoying antics. I’m sure we’ll all be hearing about their adventures in the future! I feel honored to have found them through working on The Immortals Project. I know that there are many more of you out there who have close ties to these curious and elusive beings. I hope you too will share your experiences and knowledge with all of us through this blog and the Immortals Connection-Our forum.

Please feel free to leave a reply below…and give my best to our Fair Friends!



  1. Sara says:

    sometimes i think i have merimad in my blood cuz i love to swim i feel free in the water kinda like i do with my art! what do you think????

  2. Sara says:

    MG why did you create this site i mean its helpful
    i love it too i just cant figure why havent built this site before i would have loved it.

  3. Sara says:

    ooooooo cool when did you start believing that you have powers?

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