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  1. Shelbie says:

    Hey Baxy, I was just scanning the posts and something in yours just hit home. I know quite a few people, myself included, who are currently having similar problems. Such as the sharp pains and the visions and they don’t seem to be going away for any of us either. Just know that your not alone.
    -Shelbie 🙂

    • Gothic_Phoenix says:

      it might be the fact that you’re or was a hubrid of the two in a past life or friends with both

    • cgfilip says:

      I have feelings of something inside me trying to get out . I am sitting in class and i shut my eyes and i have a vision over and over im looking in a mirror and seeing myself looking back only its not me its a different person (an older person staring back at me) with glossy icy light blue eyes. i then feel a pressure coming from inside me i notice its like myself retreats inside me and the other thing starts to take over but im still there i have my thoughts and i control myself its a different view of everything. can someone please help me.

  2. Ivy says:

    Hey guys!
    Sorry I haven’t been on for a while – I’ve been at camp with my friend for a few days or so.

    Anyway – I had this weird dream the first night I was at camp. I didn’t think anything of it till now.

    I saw VERY many vampires and werewolves – I couldn’t tell who was who till they touched me. I think I went through 200 vampires and werewolves all together. I wasn’t positive exactly how many – but it was quite a bit…

    Anyway – if someone can somehow explain I’d be very grateful!!!


    • Grace says:

      Well, speaking of dreams,
      My dream was well… I’m not to good at explaining dreams so do forgive me for my mistakes – I was on a road by my house, when I saw this little girl, about 6 or 7. She wore a nice little sun dress. And looked at me like i was the dumb one. But she was standing in the middle of the road. I tried to warn her to get off the road, but nothing came out of my mouth. So I tried running to her, I ran in slow motion! I was so fustraded. I scenced a car was coming. I didn’t see it but I knew it was coming. Sooner or later the car came a silver car, iddentical to mine. Infact it was mine! Before the car hit the little girl I woke up screaming!
      My mother came to my room not a secound too late, it was 2: 37 am at that time. I was filled with tears. My mother regarded me like she was dumb-founded, like the girl in my dreams. To that I found my eyes were actually pitch black!! My eye colour has never ever changed to black before! Whats happening to me? Right now my eyes are gray/blue. I just don’t get it!! My mother is taking me to tharapy… not so well. Tell me please!

      • Gothic_Phoenix says:

        what you might of experianced is a preminition of sorts. and your eye’s can change color according to energy levels and moods or a mixture of both

      • Shadow says:

        Dear: Grace

        I am sure MG will you tell you this her self as well, but it is unfortunate that non of us can tell you what you are or where you belong it is simply something you have to discover on your own by listeing to what your heart/soul tells you, focus on your heart (if need be close your eyes and meditate for a while with out thinking of anything else but your soul/heart) and than when you are ready, read the bloodlines posts again and pay attention to what feels right for you and what Bloodline/Bloodlines makes your blood rush through your veins faster when you read about them.

        After you know where you belong in the Bloodlines start to research/study them as best you can and as much as you can if you only feel stronger emotions and more of a “Blood Rush” than you know you have found your Bloodline/Bloodlines you belong too.

        As for the dream again it is important to share as much details as possible also what you drank ; ate and what medication if any you used before you went to bed and what you did example watched a movie for even such small and apparantly worthless information can give a meaning to a dream.
        Conserning your eyes well, if you can control/invoke and Evoke or call and banish your emotions at will than there is a simple experiment you can try that might help you to come to grips with THAT little problem which I my self faced.

        And also do not get fixated on the colour as much trust me they can change several times so the colour is at this point not so much important but a big or 100% positive change in colour especialy a “exotic” colour such as Red ; Orange ; Purple ; Pink ect. are important in the sense that if this experiment causes your eyes to change from its natural colour than you need to see what emotions changes your eyes to what colour and at the same time you also have to work on controling these emotions for the sake of your existance among those who do not know of us, and also for the sake of your freedom.

        Also remember that if you cried or shed tears your natural eye colour darkens especialy if you have a light coloured Iris (such as in your case) it does not nessasarly mean your eye colour changed it is a simple by product of your tears reflecting the seroundings and light in such a manner on a 10 Degree Angle if memory serves me right (from over head lighting) that causes the illusion that your eyes are darker in colour.

        I hope this helped you out for now?

    • MegFaith says:

      The thing about dreams is that the slightest detail counts. You have to remember what you where feeling, and use that to help figure out the dream. Maby it means that you are realizing just how many of us are out there. Or you might have gone into a diffrent astral plain. But here is something everyone needs to remember: when you are focused on something or have something in your thoughts is carrys into your dream. Blessed be my friend. -Megz

    • Shadow says:

      Dear: Ivy

      I will be glad to try and assist you however I need more details as much as you can provide about this dream in order to get a more clear picture of this dream who knows perhaps it is not as much a dream as a space time bending blink into the future to come? it is possible on a Astral level and it has been tested by most communities from the Metaphysical community right through to “the Alphabet Soup” of world government intelligence and military groups.

  3. Grace says:

    Dear MG,

    I can tell you are a very good person who I can go to, to tell youhow I feel. If I could EVER tell these things to anyone else they would probably tell me i’m crazy. Please read the paragraphe I wrote up on top! : ) (To tell me who I am)
    And please do tell me, are you immortal too?

  4. Grace says:

    Please MG redqad my paragraph I wrote closer to the top about who I am and what happens in my life. I’ve read the blodlines too, but don’t quite understnad them. Are you imortal too?

  5. Ellen says:

    Hello MG!
    I’ve read the bloodlines. I don’t get it. I mean who I am. It’s all so confusing. Can you help please? I’m not sure if i’m immortal. I dont’ any of this things like all these other people do, like eyes changing coulors or weird dreams. I do want to be immortal it seems so cool. I have strong feelings that I am no human. But I don’t know if this a ffects anything, but I do have weird daja-vus. Like when I predict something it happens like a secound later. I’m still very very young and you said not to say my age in another comment, so I wont. I do hope you understand what i’m saying. But if I could choose a immortal i’d probably a shape shifter of a animal, because i absulutly LOVE animals and I can climb trees like crazy! My friends do tease me that I look like a vampire, because i’m as pale as snowwhite. But I’m getting tanner, so i doubt that’s true! Please tell me MG! 😀

    • Shadow says:

      Dear: Ellen

      You are indeed a young one, and I commend you on takeing such a big step and I am very glad you came here for there are a lot of nasty places on this world wide web. No need to worry your age is a secret I shall keep I give you my word.

      Being so young it is good to start to search but do not rush into this give it time, there is no need to speed things up, Being Immortal LOL, it is cool at times I will admit that much but as with everything else it is all fun and games Ellen being Immortal is very complicated and imagine or try to live two lives at once and if it still apeals to you than your chances of being a immortal is better because only if you like challanges and can balance two very different lives for more than a month do you know that there is something to look into, if you can not dont dispear/be sad because even so you are still special.

      MG I appologise in advance if I overstep my bounds with the following but I want to put it out there as well.

      You see Ellen even if you are mortal you are still special to us and more so to Vampire kind in that you seem from what I sense to be very active in sports ; your diet is well for the most part very healthy however you do like to indulge in sweets perhaps a bit over the top from time to time, But you still maintain a much healthier diet than most your age and if you keep it up you and those like you are what we call perfect donors (by we I mean those of us who need blood to live) and we True Vampires treat our donors as close friends basicly you will be treated like a VIP which is not a bad deal in it self now is it? LOL 😉 not to mention all the information you will learn and we always help our donors and back them up as well as protect our donors with our lives if need be.

      So Ellen feel free to give me/us more details about what you are going through and in the very least I can explain in more detail to you the bloodline/bloodlines that you might be a part of also read this blog from start to finish again as I have given some information on how to know what blood line you belong too.

      Best of luck to you and know that being young means almost nothing to us for age is but a number to us however I said ALMOST I am sure most if not all of us here care a great deal for younglings such as your self you have a special place in our hearts so like I said over all you and the other younglings are special no matter what okay?

  6. Graham says:

    Hi, I am here because there are questions I need answered. Just in the past year, I have discovered so much. the most important one is that I AM NOT CRAZY! Next, I am not alone. I have gone through life always saying “no there is more to it than that, it is not that simple. Thereis more here than we can see. It all just didn’t jive with what I was being tought. It didn’t make sense to me. In my search for truth I found only more questions. I will fill you in on my beliefs/ disbeliefs. Beliefs first. GOD first and foremost. Jesus Christ.There is a Heaven and Hell,Satan and his minions. Ibelieve Ihave seen demons. At the very point where I was just about to fall asleep Iwould see this thing , sometimes up close in my face other times in the distance crouching , lurking letting me know it’s there.
    this happened to me at a very young age and I will never forget it as long as I live. I am older now and have a family of my own.This has always been in the back of my mind……. Why. moving foreward I believe in the paranormal,always have. ETs,UFOs the proof out there is undeniable. fairies /pixies .The Little People in the Woods we called them.
    i know what a fire fly looks like, those were NOT fireflies. I was never explained any of this I was left to figure it out on my own and damn it I am struggling. I feel like a lost soul with no where to turn.I feel as if I’m being drawn to or by something big and I just don’t know where to begin. I Know I have lived past lives, don’t know how many, but definitly more than just this one.I have had these feelings for as long as I can rememberIt’s almost 5A.M.I just need you to point me in the right direction. The truth is out there somewhere.

    Thank you for your time,


    • MegFaith says:

      Hello Graham. I am Megz, and I thing I have some reasions why you may see these things. If you are a shapeshifter then you are a spirit shifter, you can say. One of my friends is one of them and she sees a demon that is haunting her. Or you could be phychic, aka witch/worlock/wizard. I don’t quite know who/what the “Little People” are. There is proof of fairys, so you might have found them.
      Blessed be,

  7. shaun says:

    hi this is a message for Ellen. I beleive it is very possible for you to be an immortal because you have very similer experiences to me. try to train your skills and soon you will know what people are going to say or do before they do.

  8. Shadoko says:

    Hello, I’m not sure exactly what to say, I’m relatively new. I used to feel crazy, which I’m pretty sure everyone on this site has felt once or twice before, and no one understood me. I don’t know how to open up about this, but I have dreams that tell the future, I see things happening to others, and I often have a mental connection with others even though I’ve just met them. I have no religion, But I believe in many things. I’m having a great connection simply with the site itself for it makes me know I’m not crazy nor am I alone. I actually on this do not have a question, I simply wanted to start to leave my mark. There are many things I have yet to understand. I don’t know what is real or fiction, fact or faked, well more simply I do not know anything. I feel humans don’t know anything and that is why they do silly things. We do not know anything until we feel connected. I know I may sound silly as of right now, like I said, I’m a newer member.

  9. MegFaith says:

    Greetings. I am new and kindof shy. I don’t have any real powers, but like last night one of my friends was realy sad and somehow i got a mental image of her surounded by the color of slate. I knew that ment that she was feeling abanded and left out because I have been there. Personly on these matters I am trying to be a skeptic, because my imagination gets a hold on me at times. My mother has had dreams that predict the future (at her job) and noone bets agenst her (at her job) because she is right (but she dosen’t think she is psychic). Well that’s it. Blessed be my friends.

    • Gothic_Phoenix says:

      sounds to me that you have a strong sence of empathy as a gift.

      • MegFaith says:

        The thing about phychics/witches is that their powers come thuough intuittion. My intuittion is able to open my 3rd eye/the 6th chakra so I can “see” aura/feelings. Enough about that. Greetings :). I pray that your path is clear and safe. Blessed be. -Megz

    • Shadow says:

      Dear: MegFaith

      Trust your Imagination for your Imagination is stems from your Visualisation (which is the very thing you described the ability to Visualise from the Astral/Spirit world)

      Your Imagination as you can find out for your self through a simple experiment of asking some one to choose 3 coloured pencils out of a box of 24 coloured pencils while you are in a nearby room and than ask that friend to hold the coloured pencils infront of him/her and only to focus on saying the names of the three colours, than you can either wright down the colours you “see”/Visualise or call them out.

      You will be amazed at the results, than you can try to match the positions of each colours and even increase the number of colours, and after that you can also ask your friend to focus on the colours for a set time and than make one or more than one change in the position and colour of the pencils and try to pick up what changed and match his/her behavior.

      This is also a simple way of training that skill or honeing it, there by becoming stronger in that skill.

  10. shaun says:

    hi ellen i was just wondering how you were getting on. I found the television a great way to start but dont think to hard about it and in will begin to come naturally to you

  11. shaun says:

    Hello Ellen. i was just wondering how you were getting on with your skills? dont worry if it does not work when you choose. it will with practice.

  12. Ivy says:

    Hello people!
    I went to NJ so i wasn’t on for a while and my cheer leading doesn’t help either!

    The first few nights before I left for NJ were the strangest. Waking up screaming for NO reason at all!

    My mom was scared to death by the screams i was letting out. When I scream it is not a helpless child’s scream – it is a blood curdling screech.

    The dreams I have been having lately are awful – and I awaken screaming and crying. I never knew why I awaken this way but I feel so embarrassed when my mom comes running into my bedroom. I feel so bad for her – she only gets about 3 hours of sleep since these dreams started.

    Okay – I might as well tell you about the dreams.
    I was in a HUGE room FULL of vampires and since I’m tan – I look like a Lycan right? – these vampires hiss at me when I walk past them.. These vampires had a very SWEET sent – no joke – I walked up to one and (of course), they hit me… I fell to the ground and whimpered like a puppy. They looked at me again and sniffed the air. when they punched me it made my lip jab into my teeth so i had a mouthful of blood – the room of vampires all surrounded me – the helpless bleeding child on the floor. I whimpered and stood up – swallowing the blood – the vampires stared at me as they watched my skin turn from dark tan to snow white. I laughed and they continued staring at me like I was crazy. Of course since i have anger issues it began storming outside and I attacked the vampire that hit me.

    Thats where the dream ended…
    MG if you can help me with this dream I would be a little less nervous to go to bed at night.


    • Shadow says:

      Dear: Ivy

      May I ask as to how your cat died? and in what position you found your cat? also conserning your Ex Boy Friend has he mentioned anything along the lines of magick or did you notice such an inclination? I do appologise for asking these questions surrounding such a sensitive nature but your very life might be in jepourty and I assure you I am not makeing a joke here.

      You,see there exist several Black Spells that are directed to inflicting grievous pain and damage on a soul and mental level these Black Spells are commonly Reffered too as Death Spells and they realy do work. There are several of these those who kill physicly and those who kill mentaly and spiritual the last is ofcourse the worse of the two.

      I do implore you not to pannick as there are also several ways to fight against such attacks and in effect to reverse such spells and if need be I will with your full co-operation and agreement assist you as best as I can.

      Now Conserning this elaborate albheit Half Truth of HollyWood and wrighters of a hate relationship between us (Vampires) and Lycans (werewolves) I assure you, that we do not hate each other nor have we in the past, Yes there were a bot of “turf wars” so to speak some time ago however it was a simple matter of the young ones of both sides wishing to have a bit of compition for “stomping grounds” but the older generations quikly and permanantly put an end to that with a non breakable and ever standing Treaty of friendship between Lycan and Vampire and since than we have become as family, they are indeed after all our cousins in a sense. And no Ivy being Tan does not make you a Lycan just as being Pale does not make you a vampire.

      Unless ofcourse you are Vampire by Litteral Blood/Biology and in that case you may take HollyWood for what it says we are indeed Cold to the touch.

  13. MegFaith says:

    Hey Ivy. I am not an expert on these things but I hope I can help you. I once had a ream with a full moon that kept getting bigger and things attacked me, so I found one of my useless books. It saied that full moons mean that something has just ended. Have you had any tragieties or experiences befor the nightmare? But it could also be telling you what you are. I am not so sure what is up with the vampires, but they could be repersenting temptation (the sweet sent).
    When I had a nightmare that kept repeating (nothing like yours) my brother saied that it is your dream. So if you get into a meditative(or calm) state of mind you can reinact what happened and change the outcome. Remember it is YOUR dream; nothing can hurt you.
    I hope you can find peace in your dreams. Blessed be.

  14. Fresh says:

    Ive read alot over my years and also understand alot of things concerning spiritual warfare,entities and sences/meditation skills .We all have them, different life forces hold different energy .Alot of people in these recent post have been talking about dreams…try understanding where you are when you expierence a dream slow it down change what happens and slow your heart rate down,we can go on a spiritual journey in our dreams anytime we choose.Nothing can hurt us in our dreams ,we are in control. The visions come and go id say its apart of a collective concience as in everyone on earth is tied in together ,some people pick up on it some don’t.They are usallly warnings .I get good de ja vu and bad when its good i expierence something beautiful when its bad i know something is about to happen so i stop and consider the situation carefully like a warning.Alot of people want to know or identify who/what they are ,realise we are all special and unique in our own way and our journey cant always be labled .a lil story ,i was meditating once ,slowed my heart rate down ,went into dream state but had my eyes open..a monk like entity came flying towards me drapped in a brown hooded cloak ,couldnt see his face he was humming or omming {chanting}he got to the end of my bed and i senced he wasnt the nicest of entities i showed fear and confusion ,i told him to leave he left.Know you have power and authority in you journey ,choices to make and dreams to dream .Life is majestic .peace guys hopefully someone responds to this post to create some dialect

    • Shadow says:

      LOL, Well Fresh what Dillect are you looking for?

      all I can say is I concur with you fully and it is a shame that most churches these days decide to teach their congregation to fear all spirits instead of teaching them, that They have full control and Athority over any entity asside from GOD obviosly however you can even ask GOD to leave you be, and HE will do so well HE will stop to guide you but HE will still observe you.

      Basicly like a Father would do for His son or daughter he would simply observe and be close enough so that when the branch do break as He said it would, He can resque you from a bad fall.

      So in a sense you can even Ask GOD to leave you be and HE will do the same as the Father in the example mentioned just did. And this I know from expierance.

      As for that monk did he by any chance wore a rust coloured (Brown Redish hued Robe)? if so please do inform me as I know what Entity it was in that case along with what it represented and from where it came as to the why I am sure I can get that for you too (given some time ofcourse information mining on the Astral plane is as teadios ; complex and difficult to do as it is here if not more)

  15. MegFaith says:

    Your welcome Ivy, to heal your pain you must move on and start a new. Sweet dreams Ivy.
    This is to Fresh. I am amazed at how clam you where when that monk appered, and it seemes like you have great insight. I am wondering where you read about spiritural warfare. 😀

  16. Fresh says:

    hi ivy,mostly scripture but there are many books on it.Ive had alot of help over the years learning different aspects of things,now with the internet its much easyer

    • Shadow says:

      Fresh, a bit of advice: BE VERY CAREFULL in just takeing any information on the internet and putting it into practise it can be extremely dangerous on so many aspects and facets that it is pointless to start to mention these aspects and facets for it will crash the website server due to information over load.

      There is a lot of people on the internet who would do anything including lieing to others to sell their product or get the attention they want and than there are the most dangerous ones who blatantly put information in your hands so to speak with the outset of getting you killed or mentaly disturbed.

  17. Fresh says:

    meant hi megs…

  18. MegFaith says:

    😛 The only things I have reachered is ghosts and demons… manily by watching t.v. Somehow I have aquired a vast knowlage about the paranormal, but I have always thought stuff like … this was just for phschics. Actily I found this reacherching for a school project.

    • Shadow says:

      Than, Meg my warning extends to you as well. Remember the Astral world and dream world might be under your control but the effects and choices made there revurberates/trinkkle down to this world in fact the Astral world is said to be even more real and long lasting (in its effects) than this world.

      Also I want to advice you both and those new to this here to respect every and any entity you encounter no matter if it is good or evil ; or something in between because showing arogance and acting as if you are the boss and setting chalanges will cause you to be left all alone, with out any way to defend your self for after all GOD did say “Do not jump into a pit full of poisend snakes and expect ME to save you” with other words if you go and make troubble than you are on your own.

      By the way to all christians here I am not a christian however we do share the same GOD atleast in part in my oppinion please note that I have not decapitilised the word christian to offend any one I simply did it as there is no point to capatalised the word for it means nothing more than Cross if memory serves me right it is old Latin or Roman for cross so basicly chris = cross so you are in effect crosstians. Still I will leave it at that.

      I Do respect your perspective however if you are intrested in knowing more about christianity from a outsiders stand point and it is build on my own research done and truths revealed by numerous experts in that and many other fields than feel free to start a new topic about it.
      For the rest of you if you venture into that topic and get offended than it is your own fault the reason why I leave it up to those who wish to know more to start the topic is to ensure it will be active and not a waste of space on this website, and also a seperate topic to keep potential offensive information from the rest of you for I am not here to offend your religion or you.

      Moveing on I am like MG and Ecclectic, and I assure you haveing had my own expierances that NO Entity would force you to worship him/her in fact I have not met one entity who enjoys being worship they are rather upset and irritated by such things for even they have to bow down to GOD and in that they can not accept prayers and wishes directed to them with out soughting GODs permition to act.
      To be blunt and excuse the French if it counts as such both Lucifer and Satan are quite pissed at their supposed followers for the crimes being commited in their names as they both revealed to me more than once.

      much like all major religions in the world Satanism and Luciferianism got tainted by hidden agendas of self enpowerment and self service and above all LUST if you ask me we have two enemies who we should focus on here on this plane the ancient (and still existant) Cult of the Phalus and the ancient (and still existant) Brotherhood of Amen (the guys who corrupted the christian religion to get you all to pray to Amen/Amen-Ra instead of to pray directly to GOD)

      either way take this tid bits of information as you will but do not be offended it is not my intention I merely wish to help you understand why things seem confusing and why it seems that after so long you can not manage to define GOD with out the assistance of the Bible and why Revelations is not Revelations to you but Codexes with out keyes.

  19. I have been to the crazy house 7 times in my life, tried many medications, I hit rock bottom in 2000 to 2004, i lived in the woods, very isolated, use to lay down by a lake and talk to the sky and watch the shooting stars, I went to a regeneration program in 2004 and made my way back into society. I was a salvation army soldier for 5 years, then changed again to keeping my spiritual matters on a more personal level. I meditate and communicate with the unseen when I take a shower and turn it on all the way cold and then I kneel down with my eyes closed. I am a musician and have released 4 albums to my credit, and I touch upon many subjects. I seem to attract a lot of fans from Canada and Australia. I went to the phillipines twice and visited Costa Rica. I believe in the 11:11 time prompts that have been getting for the last two years when I discovered it. The world to some has been predicted to take a change on December 21st , 2012, that is my mother’s birthday. Anyhow I just wanted to introduce myself as I know this was no accident me finding this site. Have a blessed night or day………………

  20. MegFaith says:

    Welcome and blessings 🙂 I wish for good energy and a much sucess for you. May the stars gide your path. Blessed be,
    -Megz- <3

  21. Ivy says:

    I wish every night that my horrifying dreams will end but they wont… Same dream EVERY night, now that i’m having relationship problems it doesnt help becuz i wake up in the middle of the night wishing i could end my terrible dreams but it doesnt happen…. I have many relationship problems becuz people from school are taunting me… If someone has ANY information for me i would be VERY grateful…

    Your words are my guide and they are helping me, i have been doing some research but none links to my dreams or to me. Please if you can help me, i would be grateful!

    If you read my earlier messages about the big room, and the vampires and werewolves(Lycans) and understand them let me know. If you can help me I would be extremely grateful!

    • Hello Ivy,

      I am so sorry that I haven’t responded sooner to your message about the dream. It does sound like an astral experience and that you may be in the middle of attacks on that plane by dark vampires and other negative entities. It would be very important for you to do some kind of protection ritual, even a short one, before you go to sleep each night. Also, remember, that just because you see the attacks in your dreams, they may possibly still be surrounding you and draining you in your waking hours without your conscious knowledge. So, you would do well to develop a schedule where you consciously strengthen some protective structure around yourself through out the day as well.

      I know I’ve said this before, but I think it would be beneficial to all of you who would like to discuss these kinds of things in more detail to go over to the Forum Site. I am able to be more active on that site and add information quite frequently. Also, there are others who are experiencing similar things and have a lot of good advice. Because it is set up as a Forum, it is more complex at first, but after awhile, it’s easy to find your way around and each thread of conversation can get pretty deep–complex enough to answer the questions you might have.

      The Website address is: http://www.immortalsconnection.com

    • MegFaith says:

      I agree with MG. If you have a special charm or something to sleep with that might help. You can imagin a sheild around you (rainbow colors are known for protection, and brown is used to banish negaitvity). There are diffrent stones used for protection, such as onyx, obsidion, jet, and smoky quartz.
      I’m sorry but I am not educated in astral experiences. I will pray for you.
      Blessed Be.

  22. MegFaith says:

    Ok this is so awasome. I massaged one of my friend’s back, because it hurt, and it was about a month ago. She told me that it stoped hurting, and she said that it still hasn’t hurt. That is so cool 😀 I knew peolpe could heal others, but I never knew that the effect would last so long! Is that normal?

  23. Ivy says:

    I am on the forum, as you told me I should and I put in a blog, but noe that I have a new laptop I don’t know if I can get onto the forum but I will try.


    • Hello Ivy!

      I’m so glad you’ve made it over to the forum! I did see your reply post to Lloyd’s blog. And I’m very happy to accept your friendship. You are free to continue to post here as well, but I think things will be clearer in the threads over there…

      Will talk to you soon,

      Take care,

  24. Ivy says:


    I posted 2 blogs, and am waiting for comments or help with them. I would appritiate~~!~~ help or comment on both…

    With Love & Care,

  25. MegFaith says:

    I am so afraid right now. I just came from my friend’s b-day party. I was under a pine tree and felt like something bad happened, like someone was hurt. And several people srarted hearing sonething. We ran out to the ally way and they saw people in the distance. Apperently half of them are like us, real. One of them said that there is a gane of vampires and wherewolfs, that are strong, deadly strong. After a while we went back and forth between minding our own bussiness and stareing down the ally. Then a car came bye, two people got in it. And we swore that the same car drove by so we all ran to her garage. Most of the humans didn’t understand what was happening ; I didn’t know how powerful immortals can be… I thought they where much weaker. After a while, sitting in her garage, I realized that they are the same type of people who are attacking Ivy in her dreams. Several times I felt like I could run over to them and attack them, like they have to others. I felt like I have to sink my teeth into their throats.
    I am so scared and confused, I think that I am not one of you, thak I am just a nosey human who knows too much. But one of my friends said that I am one of you, because of the fact that I can balence things (like my flute) on my head. He said that it is the magic flowing through me that allowes me to do that. Pleace someone reply, I have no clue what to do.

  26. Ivy says:

    Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t been on lately, I was grounded off of the computer for a while.

    Anyway! I have a few questions. I was wondering if Immortals could lose their voices? And if they could get injured, by wooden boards? If so, then that applies to me. ‘Cause I lost my voice, and I have MANY scars from wood.


  27. MegFaith says:

    I know I have a big imagination but I am starting to get conserened. See, I like to role play in my head, and for some reason in them lately I have a crush on The Devil. I see all demons as fallen angels and have a inner hatred towards men. Dose that mean I could by a demon myself? I love the shadows, hate the sun, and I once had a fear that I would be able to kill all of my friends.
    If someone can help me figure this out please reply to me.

  28. Lostsong says:

    Greetings. I am Megz’s bff/sister. I am more skeptic than her and more political. Unlike her (dreaming of being Queen of Death), I feel that I should be the person to take controle of the political stand point of the nation’s sin and better the goverment (I coul realy give Oboma a peice of my mine). I hope everyone finds their path here.

    • Shadow says:

      I think it would be intresting to see your consepts indeed. LOL, Obama uh? no, leave him be for now when the time comes there will be meeting and I am sure I can get you to tag along let me say this: Obama is as stuck in a rot as most of us or atleast some of us in that he has to do and say what he is told to do and say or else, he loose his entire family.

      But give it some time, once the right time comes along we will be able to meet with him with out pupet master handlers around and than you will see for your self that he is not the enemy infact he is actualy an ally (he has been staveing off the 3rd world war for us after all)

  29. Ivy says:

    I just figured out, I’m a Lyttanian.. I’m from a planet called ‘Lyttle’ and I have 70 siblings. I’m also over 500 years old….

    Scary… huh?

    Blessed be,

    • MegFaith says:

      Wow Ivy that is great! … And a little weird. Do Littanians just age slowly (like dogs to humans)? I hope that you have a safe astral journey when visiting your home. Hope that everything goes well for you. 🙂
      Blessed Be, my friend. May the Lord shine brightly on you, and the Lady portect you from harm.

    • Shadow says:

      LOL, no intresting though I would love to know more 🙂 no need to be scared about your self.

  30. fleurs says:

    My strange and sometimes frightening dreams have brought me to this place, which looks like a safe haven. Still finding my way around here, but the design is stunning…good job.

    • Lostsong says:

      What are your dreams about? If it ok with you to share them. I have heard that dearms can not only be your mind telling you something, but it could also be that you go to a differant astral plain.
      Blessings to all -Lostsong

  31. NUM222 says:

    hi there i am new and i jusrt joined your site i would be honored to do some talking with you and maybe introduce myself i learned that this is some kind of sanctuary where all of us can just talk to you and do what ever it is that you wanted us to do on this site i am 25 years old and older lol and i love computers ive got all the time in the world to talk type ask and answer questions maybe we can do some talking or lol chating if you think thats ok ill be on alot and ill be on just for you just reply when ever its time. ive always wandered if the rest of us would ever just get to a level of talking to someone most people dont even believe in us but that doesnt mean where not out there right n e ways thanks for letting me join i look forward to hearing from you …

  32. MegFaith says:

    Ok. I just learned that there is some sort of man eating monster person running around my town. Is there any way to kill it (without dieing)? Man, I hope none of you guys have one of those things in your town. Even my shape shifter friend (who is not scared of anything and has demon friends) is terrified of it.
    Blessings to all

  33. MegFaith says:

    I know someone that knows a family that is being hunted down. What type of dispicable being would do that? I tried to create a spell for them(being part witch), but my friend and the family believes that if they all wear a cross that they are safe. Could that realy work? I mean, the cross dosen’t do anything towards live demons and vampires, dose it? … Of course my, so called, magic is fake and would do nothing to save them… They are better off with their Lord’s cross.

  34. Lostsong says:

    Ok I have a quick question. Is there some type of paricite or disease I know that it is not bed bugs) that gives you little spots where blood leaks out? I have no clue what it could be because there are two people that have it(both immortals). at first I thought it could have been some ‘vampire’s lover’s’ thing. But I don’t think a shape shifter could be a ‘vampire’s lover’.

    • Shadow says:

      why not? they can be considering ofcourse certain factors so what type of shape shifter are you talking about? as for the Vampire it might be due to a lack of feeding I have seen happen before and it is by no means a good sign it would be best to help him/her to feed as quikly as possible for this can become far worse in a weeks time or over the course of several years.

  35. Fresh says:

    I havnt been on here for awhile but it seems that if we all are entities in body form then we are actually all immortal.We have guides as I understand in a archutechtial higher self and they are actually parts of us that help our spritual growth and lesson/sences,also energy centres that are all differently tuned for each individial even tuned ourselves over time.Now knowledge has granted me wisdom to know that fear feeds fear and draws negative towards us and some like to currupt through using this tool.When this is seen in light there is only a part shadow and the fear /negative energydissapates and leaves.Peace withing is a great goal with a content heart.Even peace in a haful man is shown when his hatred is satifsfied.I hope some on here and others leave fear and see light in all.peace

    • MegFaith says:

      Wow Fresh, it looks like your knowlege is widly expanded. What you were talking about, fear feeds fear, reminds me of the Wiccan Law of Three. It states that whatever energy you put out in to the universe comes back at you 3 times greater… like karma. 🙂 Blessed be my friend. -Megz

      • Shadow says:

        Indeed, besides Fear is not an emotion it is an illusion a tool in every sense of the word which is used constantly and the worse of it is, that very tool is handed down through humanity by humanity it self through the parent teaching his/her child to fear certain things such as some one elses dog or fear the pain fire can cause.

        However remove fear from your life and no dog even a stray dog will harm you nor will fire do much else than prickle you a little bit.

  36. Anomylech says:

    hi i’m new here i have a problem with my password it says to check my e-mail for the confirmation link. ( but i didn’t recive that mail and i don’t know why) i hope someone can help me thx

    • Shadow says:

      Anomylech, I know you are not just new here but new in a sense as to what you are it is quite clear to me. You young ones lack paitience through your youthfulness your ever expanding energy so I wish to tell you to have paitience and your problem will sort it self out.

      Remember that in most cases haveing to do with these subjects certain check ups conserning new members are a nessasary requirement, and I happen to know espesialy under Auspices such as this one these check ups are doubble checked, and even more so considering the current hype so to speak surounding us all, so do keep that in mind, and wait a little.

      After all I am my self new here, but not newly awakend nor am I new when it comes to being a member under such special auspices and my paitience has led me quite far.

  37. Anomilech says:

    hi i’m new here. i like to talk on messenger maybe we’ll talk some day. see ya

  38. MegFaith says:

    I can feel it. The world is shifting. The world is getting close to the new. If we are to do anything then it is then. We have to release the truth, or die with no movement for further generations. The shadows of lies can not hold us forever. To help reach the perfect world, the world where there is peace and the Lady can forever live, we must tell them. The powers are growing. Soon those who can not controle their sin will run rampent. I can no longer see anything but the simple knowlage that something is going to happen, and we can controle the outcome. Be the fire or the ice, the light or the darkness that will save the Earth. Will it be the humans who kill the planet or the planet that will kill us all?
    -Live intill there is no more life left.

  39. oldkid says:

    umm hi everyone here on this site my siteuser name is oldkid i just want to make some friends mmaybe if thats ok would you like to be my freeind for a lil while i dont do alot mmmbut i think i can relate to your site alot ummmm…i just registered im up alot and dont do much lisen to music and visit this site the last ime i heard about these things people didnt like it but i saw this site and i just wanted to check it out mmmmm i read alot it doent seem to be rejecting sssso i just thought of giving it a try my real name is ryan im about 20s in looks and i dont have any freinds umm what should i do on here ummm well maybe we can talk ill be on as much as i can thank you for letting me on the site it seems realy nice so far…

  40. robert says:

    i have had a feeling for a while now. i should have died from many things like pulling a rock out of my head when i was 8 or the many times large trucks have crashed into my head and destroyed my bike i have also had dreams in which something happened that hasn’t yet occurred but later happens just as it was seen. the last thing is when my friend and i were in his backyard we decided to dig a hole neither off us knew why but what we found was a small cellar large enough to accommodate 1 person but it had a pad lock i don’t know how but we just took it off. within we found a bound book with a worn latch but it was cracked open. we took it inside my friend performed a ritual and his power went out his mother screamed and fell down the stairs with 3 long gashes that looked like some odd claw or talon but upstairs we saw a message on the wall it said thank you and that it would leave soon but needed to regain its strength i cant remember anything else on the subject. one thing i overlooked is when some man at the middle of night tried to kidnap me…he failed. most of this occurred when i was 8.

  41. Athyriel says:

    Hello everyone. It took me some time to figure out how to post stuff on this site. Usually I’m quite savvy when it comes to sites like this, but the format was, well… different to say the least.
    Anyways, I know what I am. I have been doing A LOT of research on my beliefs and feelings. I have come to the conclusion that the Lemurians and Atlanteans did exist. A long time ago. I’ve had a couple of visions about them. I didn’t understand those visions for the longest time. Yet, I felt at home and comfortable within these visions. Then I did some past life regression hypnosis and my third eye become SO very open. It almost scared me at first. I found the answers to a lot of questions I had about my life. Like what is my destiny? My destiny is to help and teach others so they understand that we exist. Immortals are real and special people. Chakra work and magick is all very real as well. In my past lives I was from Egypt, and I was a jewelry maker. Boring life I must say, but there must be something important that happened in that life that I need to learn from. Another one of my lives was lived as an Atlantean. That was one of my most intense regressions I had so far. At first everything was calm and blissful, but then I felt the horrible sensation of dread. I couldn’t continue with that regression at that time because it was just too much. After that one, I had a migraine for 2 hours. Mind you, I don’t get migraines, rarely ever. If there are any fellow immortals out there who understand anything I’m talking about, please get in contact with me. I’m not sure if we are allowed to post our emails on here or not. So out of respect, I wont. But please, contacting me with more information would be very helpful and much appreciated.

    • Shadow says:

      I also hail orginaly from Egypt, and haveing some what of a personal indulgence of sorts towards jewelry and being a abbit appreciator and connoisseur of art and many other things. I stopped by many jewelry stores there, I also remember the Atlantis period some what both the good times there and that one insident that caused so much pain and death if it would be better for you to read what happened and not see/relive it than ask MG to give you my e-mail address and we can talk there.

      I think I remember you and I am sure you will remember me once we get to indulge in our crystalised memories of lives past and now frozen in a tiny part in history books and pages.

  42. Hello There. I found your weblog the usage of msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I?ll certainly return.

  43. MegFaith says:

    Sorry, alot of my comments were… very weird. Please ignore them. I had forgotten about this site, and alot has happened. First I would like to note that alot of ‘immortals’ have been comming together.
    Oh. I don’t want to forget, Ivy, are you still having you dreams?
    I have grown my powers, but that might not be good. I made a portable portal, and my friend said that it leads to “the birth place of fire” (I am paraphrasing), it isn’t Hell, but. I just don’t know. That freaks me out because, I met a guy who said that, if I wanted to(which I bloody don’t), I could controll/work with demons. Considering I removed over 100 demons from me (including a unicorn?), and only have 1 left, that freaks me out. Personally I am not that worried about myself (I dug my own grave), I am worried about the little girl who is attached to me. I just want her (and my friends) to be safe.
    Blessed be- Megz

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