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Welcome to the Immortals Blog Talk!

Hello Dear Immortals!

I would like to say a few words about the posts and comments that will begin to appear on this site, now that it is active. The messages you will see come from a wide variety of people. Some are just starting to experiment with their intuition and are just beginning to investigate their spiritual gifts. Others will come from people who have worked hard to develop their talents and are quite familiar with different lines of magick, healing, and other metaphysical teachings. And still others will write messages expressing that they belong to a rare groups of beings who are physically immortal.

The letters and comments you will read are similar to the ones I have been receiving for months–ever since I launched the videos about this project on Youtube. I had to make a decision as I began to receive those letters. Some seemed very far-fetched, and it was easy to be skeptical of their words. Others simply felt that they needed support and a listening ear. Some notes were mean and accusatory. I made the decision to reply to each letter based on its own merits. If the author of the message seemed genuine to me, I treated the letter as an honest attempt to express ideas and communicate with me and answered with respect.

I will continue to do this on this site. I will approve comments that appear to be genuine. I will disapprove those that are thoughtless, cruel, or demeaning. If you find messages that are hard to believe, please consider this–Aren’t we all here to be heard with acceptance and be given the benefit of the doubt?

As you respond to messages, please be considerate. If you have legitimate questions of people leaving comments, please ask in polite terms. We are here to prepare the way for a Great Awakening. And so it will begin with us! How will we handle the unbelievable? It will be up to us to set the example for the rest of the world. If some of these comments turn out to be fiction or fantasies of their authors, there is no harm done. But, if we can’t allow for the seemingly impossible to make it’s way into our small segment of society, how can we expect to make fundamental changes to our global culture and contribute to the world as we have been called to do?

At the other end of the spectrum, as you reply to those who are just learning, please exercise patience and compassion! Try to remember the day when these things were new to you, and offer your advice as mentors who are willing to offer gentle guidance.

Thank you! Please visit often, add your comments, and contribute your stories! And may you all enjoy your experiences on this site and fulfill your destinies as members of The Immortals Project!

Blessings to all,




  1. Mary Garbiel I have a bit of an question,
    You are trying to produce a gathering to raise vibrations. I can’t help but shake this subject that I have studied and it seems to have some similarities with what your doing now. I’m sure you have heard of 2012, but their is an event the ascension as some New Ager’s call it the Ascension. When humanity moves to the fourth spiritual realm. Many higher beings such as the Pleiadians,Draconians suppose to be involved in this. This movment well event is suppose to be triggered by high vibrations. I just wanted to know if this is what your preparing for.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. You have a very good question. You are absolutely right that many forms of change are taking place at this time regarding the earth and our societies. These will continue for several years. I don’t think that it all is necessarily going to happen in the space of one key year, such as in 2012, but over a span of years.

    I think that we have been seeing several signs already of the major shift that will eventually take place–both vibrationally and in our physical realm. Words like “the Ascension” and “axis shift” and others pertaining to the “end times” are all describing these changes to come. We will all be part of those things whether we like it or not. We are living on a planet about to undergo some radical shifts, and so we will be a part of it–for the good or the bad.

    It’s true that The Immortals Project is coming about at this critical time and I’m sure that’s no accident. However, the Project is not an actual shift of any kind like these other phenomena are that you have alluded to. Rather, it is a Gathering of certain people who have been sent here to work together as a group DURING these shifts and changes. The focus of the Project will be to unite the people who are meant to take up leadership positions during the coming, confusing times. These people are equipped and called to be here so that we can ease into our “new skin” more efficiently and smoothly.

    Right now, since we are just in the early stages of finding these dear Immortals, not much in the way of action is taking place. But the time will come, in the near future, where this group will become much more active in real world issues.

    I think that’s the difference between the energies, changes, and beings you’ve referred to and our Project. We are supposed to become a special Network of People, aligned in purpose, and ready to take our places of leadership in the world as it evolves into a new paradigm–one more peaceful and harmonious. We are the transition group, so of course, there will be stumbling blocks along our path. Rather than defining the Project as a new vibration or specific group of earth changes, it is more appropriate to think of it as the group of people who will flow with and direct those energies and changes.

    Yes, many species are assisting us shift into this new paradigm. The modern-day human has been extremely slow to grasp how intertwined we are with other worlds and dimensions. These extra-terrestrials and beings have been with us all along, some even taking part in our creation. They are very concerned with our future as they realize how it will affect theirs. And yes, they will indeed work with The Immortals to help guide our way. Again, I do believe that the Immortals are especially designed to receive transmissions and information from these other-worldly helpers. However, it’s also important to remember that not all beings have our best interest at heart. We have to continue to remain sensitive to our own feelings and intuition as we begin to work more with these other species so as to stay on the “light” side of the work ahead.

    I hope this helps answer your question. I think I will also make an audio response to this, as it is something that others may find helpful.

    Please continue to visit the site and ask more at any time…

  3. aeris says:

    hello mary i am aeris. i am not afraid to open myself to you i vibe well from you. i have seen your videos and i am proud to see someone is welcoming kinlines . i want to be a part of your gathering you wish to arrange i am of freindly nature not to forget good looking young redhaired lol. and most polite. i seek information assosiation and enlightenment but most of all someone like your self reaching out to us reaching out to me i am alone and have been for so long to be accepted by those not only of my racebut by one like yourself. i also have much knowledge of my own orgins and will be honored more than you to share them with you.. if you wish, but please send me a reply i will be here.

    • Dear Aeris,

      I have posted a reply to your comment. As I am not sure exactly how this all works, yet…:) I don’t know if this short reply to you will also appear on the page…we shall find out…:)

      Please read through my reply on the Immortals Blog Talk Page, and feel free to communicate as often as you would like. I would definitely like to find out more about you and your origins.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such encouraging words…

      With blessings to you,
      Mary Gabrielle

  4. aeris says:

    i also wish to add that if your league is succesfull it will soothe me to know there shall someday be a great santuary for all of us o socialize prepare debreif and do what it isthat we shall do once gathered. over time that has long been forgotten i have lost my respect for man and directed that respect only to myself and the others. but with you displaying this proposal reaching out as you are is begginng to change my veiws. i pray that we speak soon and if we do we will have you to thank.

  5. Hello Dearest Aeris,

    Thank you very much for sharing such personal feelings in your comments. I am very grateful to you. I am just beginning to launch this Project, and so I am going through many learning curves right now. I do feel confident that it will all work out as it should; and I share your hope, that in doing this, we do indeed establish a safe and productive sanctuary for all of the Immortals to share.

    Many dynamic changes are on the horizon. And although it has taken me a long time to get this Project started, I just received more information the other night that it is imperative to step up the pace! I feel the changes are upon us, and I know that it’s more important than ever that The Immortals who are meant to be a part of this Gathering be able to find each other.

    If you take the Newsletter, it has a link to my email address. Please feel free to write me there as well. Although, it’s very important that you share what you feel is appropriate on this site too, as that will help others who are wondering if they should participate.

    Thank you again, for your candor and supportive words…MG

  6. aeris says:

    it is my pleasure. if you wish my origins began through the blood of my mother.rosemary was the first name given to her. through her line personaly she carried the blood of elohim and the blood of human. elohim is the orginal name for angel. in angel orders there are several ranks and races. elohim are those meant to be closest to the race of men and women. as time grew for her marriage to thy father came to pass he himself is of human descent aswell as a dionysis.threw time and careful steps i became infused with vampirism.details regard psychic transformation physical attributtes were encountered later.interesting to you it may be. i became inlove with lost boys movies… and just to make it easy on us all my maker would reveal his pressence to me by playing the lost boys cry little sister song within my head.as to how i am with carrying the blood of an angel and that of vampyre i have never been ashamed embarresed i love everyday that i behold these traits. i can and proudly say in regards to time and mortality i shall never be an age of 80 in looks and say i wish i new then what i know now. as to age in detail 21 was the seize of physical growth of coarse in numbers i continue to grow hense the beauty of age just being a number.
    i live in selibacy and devote my time to music artistry and the areas which you perceed.
    in in other origins. dreams and long lost memeries of a world were my being here continues to haunt me i recieve dreams of ends and painfull vissioins of myself braking the rules and being exiled here as an immortal as punishment and being mercified for the good deeds i had done in that era.
    though i wont lie to you mary. i feel alone unwanted or perhaps not belonging to anything other than the appreciation for nature music and for those whom you wish to invite. i tend to mingle with the others from time to time, recently they have choosen to lable myself as earned through great will chance if i may.in 2012 man will reach the deadline for the transformation within these 2 years they are to uplift their efforts to enlightenment to the fullest. to be boldest their highschool finals will be due if they do not appreciate th gravity of what they are to recieve they will dwell in the age that sticks slumbering untill death as they continue to remain mortaly alive in a stage where they will stand by and admire the people they could have become.

  7. aeris says:

    on a night where the veil is indeed in a thinner stae i looked up into the sky and saw the star that shines now like that of the north star in days before his birth, i thought as if i had spoke the star will listen and so i spoke.i fell to my kness and begged for an audience.and i saw my self through the glass of souls, peaking back to me thy reflection of he who i was to become. intimes today my appearance is red hair dressy and mature thin and awake.at times when i feel threatend or aware of another the celestiality of my wings are not phsical but in the same detail of the energy i feed on.thy hair reaches the back of my knees with more details of coarse lol.but unless it is another i have not spoke of this in years. then we show eachother respect by acknowledgeing one another with respect. you know ….. there is a television show that comes on called the santuary starring amanda tapping if something like that did happen it will only improve communicate rather than damage it. one other thing …in prophecy it is said that in the near future there will be those who have reached a higher level and that these people bomded like a group grouped around the globe for they would attract atenttion from othrs who were not as they were admireing fearing but noticing when you build this foundation i would like to add 2 things 1 i will always be more than pleasure to participate in its growth. and 2.give it timme as 2 years goes by quikly to others it can sway even slower.

    • Dear Aeris,

      I feel honored that you have had the trust to share so much about yourself here. I will take that as a positive sign and a good beginning to our launch. I will take more time to re-read all that you have written so I can better digest and understand it. These things can be quite complex and mysterious at first; but your story is fascinating, and I intend to study it in detail. I so appreciate your interest and support. Yes, you are right. Time is a relative thing, and while it may seem urgent to me to move forward, I know things will work out as they should. I know this is a brief response, but I am forced to leave this much with you for the time being as I continue to work on this site and others.

      My best of blessings to you, dear one,

  8. aeris says:

    one other peace of advice mary
    what you are doing may cause distress but none the less what you are building used to exist long ago to rebuild this is a treasure greater than all gold in the world there are others who want this .it is because of betrayl and rebellion that theese foundations did not come toplay.today in this time now you cannot allow yourself to quit do not give up on yourself give it time give the others time to see the your accuracy and once they do you will see.you have a power that has not been seen for ages. and i will support you. aeris.
    also i speacilize in the counciling of these areas feel free to ask me any questions you would like and i wll share my knowledge of them with you.

    • Dear Aeris,

      I have just seen your latest comment. Once again, I want to thank you for your concern and understanding. This Project has been wonderful and yet a great responsibility too. I have carried it for many years now. Each day, I proceed to work on it with not much more than my faith in what I have seen to keep me going. It’s rather strange, when I really stop to think about it…:) It’s very true also that I have wasted time, precious time, in discouragement and disbelief. But circumstances are such now that I am determined to see this through. Somehow, I know it is my calling and must be done! Thank you for your offer to lend advice. Should I feel it necessary, would it be alright if I contacted you at the email address listed here? I don’t want to invade your privacy in any way…

      Many heartfelt thanks,

  9. aeris says:

    absolutely! whenever you wish i have all the time you need.

  10. aeris says:

    im curious aboutthe expieriences you have shared in these feilds perhaps some of your personal insights may teach me some things to learn from

    • I will be talking more about Extra-terrestrials and perhaps make an audio about a personal experience I went through with something of that nature.

      There is a page on the site for those discussions, I just haven’t had the time to enter the content yet…:) But it’s coming soon!


  11. aeris says:

    at the age of 13 i began to draw out on paper strage shapes symbols began to detail themselves without thinking of them but voluntary on the 21s birthday i assosiated with two one claimed he was of lycan descent and had know real vampyres in the vampyre language the real name are 2 knidred and obyrie 21st birthday i met the one who already knew who i was.he then offered to come and hang out with him and four other fans. i asked him what we were doing one time when we went to a spot on high ground he told me you wanted to be one of us dont you? my reply was gladly. after he turned me i became different began to speak different feel different look and feel and began to act different in the definition of different.i became talented in everything if there was something i had not learned how to do or know it was obtained by my very quikly i would ask him and he would still reply it will come to you and surly it did so.i dont fly or do some of the things on tv but much of true legend is there. slower i v become patient in body i feel as i did when i was younger with the flu but still having all the energy and strength to play all day and night.
    2 weeks past i was begging to somehow doubt after the changes if i was realy turning or if it was nonsense and all in my head. immediatly i felt the urge to j walk instead of wait for the light just missing a bus a black shiny car was hit 60 and smaked me in the air all i saw was the sky going backwards all i thought was death at this rate. when i came to a hault i slowly arose craking my knuckles to see lol lol if my fingers would fall of in fear i guess of being seen i ran away as quik as i could i then realized i had left the scene with nothing more than a cut above my right eye that healed no more than a week or less. i never saw him again but somehow he has left his print on me and i have never stopped being greatfull i am proud to be this.
    cravings for blood came later no matter how much i ate or drank i still craved blood more than anything i could think of i never paniced. but one clear thing i rememberd the day i was told to be turned i felt something change.
    i rushed to the restroom and began to become severly tense grinding my teeth like lifting a car you grind and tense and.
    more and more things began to define what it means to not be human exept in looks. ive never told anyone these things. a year ago i met some for a short time he told me he knew what i was he asked if i had a heart i said i think so but i dont know how could i not right. he said there are good ones and bad ones i felt lil better i always thought i was being bad in a way a very small way

  12. aeris says:

    i feel alone i feel there is nothing for me in this world much like i exist rather than being being like ghost only a ghost that has never been alive. i keep thinking there is no one for me to no speacial time to occur where i could be with someone like myself and be good with them. to be with someone who is just simply like mortals but not afraid to know maybe, or know about me, and i dont know maybe you can think of the right word.most of all my life i ve wanted a family. not just any family a family of people like me maybe your foundation will shed a little light on my dark dreams. dreams of poeple coming together just like family. for so long we all have had to hide from those who moch the entire orders that govern them protect them and harm them. i have learned all that i know only on my own i never had the acompass of another just the simple nod hellos and goodbyes. as an immortal maybe it is a punishment giving me all the time in the world to suffer and learn maybe.

  13. aeris says:

    i welcome the gathering maybe some day i can belong if you think of it mary whats the point of being alive if you cant even share yourself with the world.

  14. aeris says:

    you asked of participation to your advise group.if you wish you may contact me whenever you wish and i will accept your offer. for your advise group.

    • Thank you, Aeris, for being so willing to share your story with all of us. I will take time to read each part of it carefully and use it to understand what it must be like to go through such changes.

      I also appreciate your offer to be part of the advisory group. I will definitely take you up on that!

      I can’t help but think that there are many who would like to feel that they have a safe place to gather. And besides offering that safe harbor, I hope we can unite and bring some real changes to the world. I think this will be a very powerful group that will be able to do many things for mankind!

      Take care,

  15. aeris says:

    im online all the time i dont know what the time is like but here in the oc its night . things change for me during the night my senses become more acute my speed in advancing increase the night talks in ways i cant describe its like heaven speaks and all i can do is hear it without understanding it. the night fills me with a cold that doesnt make me cold.its funny being the ram i am connected to fire yet the sun repells and the coldness gives me comfort. through time i have seen the night look down on me with sadness giving me sympathy.in times i stare at the moon but only for a short while. reasons sometimes if i stare long enough i can see dark ghastly human figures crawling out of the ground that i walk on. behaving as if they discovered me by myself staring at the moon. the moon has always been connected to gates portals and ways of seeing. i learned of a method that is extremely accurate perhaps when it feels right you can give it a try. in the night when the moon shines look upon her at the same time for the rest of your gaze unto hers remove and release all emotion all of yourself unto her. empty your every inside see yourself becoming hollolw to the fullest and pushing it all out straying swiftly straight up to her. once you do this stay this way for a while while staring you may be surprised what you recieve.
    the moon has a great impact on the vampyre lines.
    it changes the way we act talk behave so to speak. my patience with her has granted me gifts.
    in the backgrounds
    i have come to understand her attributes given unto me.
    being vampiric the avoidance of the sun does however indefinitly benifit.
    at night my image is stronger health lil better you have great knowledge of things mary theese things have seemed to push their way out now and entered the level of will.
    i dont think the one who speaks to you speaks for amusement. at the same time you have faith in us dont forget to have faith in you. how many are doing and have done what you are doing now. doubts and discouragements are going to trick and test you that is their job aswell as yours.
    pay no attention to naysayers they are aswell employed. commune with this one who speaks to you intenseify your connection with him espeacily in times of struggle the astral plane is very powerful it assosiates with prayer and we all know that prayer is powerfull. contact me whenever you wish the more the merryier i am always availbe no time is too early nor late.

    • Aeris,
      On the left sidebar, under Menu, is a Page Called the 7 Immortal Lines. If you click on the Plus sign, it will open up pages under that heading. I think this would be a good comment to put in the Vampire Lines. Would you mind copying and pasting it in there as a comment as well. Or I can do it if you don’t have it saved…

  16. aeris says:

    i tried to paste it but it didnt do it

  17. aeris says:

    mary do you think it is possible to make some kind of contact to arrage communication in dreams or mental conversation like sending energy through the air threw out the areas maybe this astral mentor could be a service guide asking him maybe just a curious thought also when online i go to youtube and listen alot to asscension and chakra frequencies do you think just by listening this could also aid me through this transitional state even if i dont stare at the graphics
    aeris i also subscribe to facebook and saved you as freind on the favebook freind list but dontworry i didnt write anything

    • It is absolutely possible to arrange contact through dreams. I think that The Immortals will be doing quite a bit of that. In fact, they are doing so already, just might not be aware of it. And yes again, every avenue that you open up to yourself including Internet and phone allows a portal to open up to you, and you will send and receive energies through every portal connected to you, even after the live links are gone. This is why we need to be especially careful as a group and as individuals to practice shielding and cleansing techniques regularly. It’s not about living in fear, but it is about filtering!

    • Yes, thank you for your Facebook Friendship too! I did see your invite and added it…:)

  18. aeris says:

    so what happens now?

    • Well, this is the hard part…waiting…Right now, we are in the early phases of finding those who are supposed to be a part of this Project and Gathering. Unfortunately, I am the bottle neck at this point since people are relying on me to produce the sites and other venues where they can begin to meet each other. This site is part of that, but the forum will offer a place where people can communicate in much greater depth. Also, as I produce more content–written, audio, and video–it will help people get a feel for what we need to do and get us all on the same page.

      So, for the time being, it’s important to stay in touch and tell others who might be interested in the Project. Also, each person needs to continue to work on their own skills, whether that be life-energy transformation, physical healing techniques, astral travel, or simply developing their intuition. Those skills will be put to the test when we begin to gather as small groups and choose things to work on specifically.

      We do need participation like posts on this blog and the forum so that we can stay in touch with each other while this early growth process takes place. And soon, we’ll have to give some serious thoughts to some fund raising as I am working full-time and also spending significant amounts on advertising and other expenses to keep this all afloat.

      In the meantime, just hang on tight! And let me know if you have any ideas that you feel might help the Project grow and work better. Also, please continue to feel free to ask and answer questions on here as that helps others better understand things too. Your words have been interesting and enlightening, and I’m sure will help others as they come to the site to learn more.


  19. Iruss says:

    Hello Mary, I really like what you are doing, trying to enlighten people and show them there is more to ourselves that what we can even comprehend. I would like to extend my hand and ask if I could join your ranks and help because I have a lot I can teach people and im sure there is a lot I can learn. I know who and what I am it didnt take long for me to figure it out, but another thing is I dont know where this experiment is headed and I dont want good kinded people to get hurt if they are involved in this and I can only think of a few people it could and probably will envoke. The oonly reason I know is because I have worked for a few of them if you dont beleive me I will show my papers I dont want to see people like me end up as a test experiment as I was. but I would still enjoy lending a hand in anything you may and hopefully I can learn more than I already do

    Thanks for the time you prepared in this site.

    • Hello there,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I am very concerned about the privacy of the Immortals, and I try to take every precaution I can when dealing with email addresses and personal info. I do know that many have suffered at the hands of cruel and self-serving people. This Project does not condone any of those experiments, nor do we have any interest in pursuing anything along those lines. We are simply here to begin this Great Gathering, and, as time goes on, begin our work on Earth as a special Network of Beings.

      I hope that is some comfort to you. I’m so sorry that you have already had to endure the things you talk about. As you can see, all types are beginning to find the site. Some are simply curious, others are young and just beginning to discover their gifts, others are mature and have worked with their talents for some time, and still others are the rare few who have lived extended lives and are approaching the Project with great caution. I understand their hesitation completely.

      Please feel free to contribute here at any time. And also feel free to email me. I will try to respond as quickly as possible. I am so grateful you have found us and look forward to hearing what you have to share. I know there are many watching this site now who also will benefit from your words.

      Take care and many blessings to you,

  20. Dear Mary Gabrielle,

    Thank You for responding to my question about the “Ascension” it just seemed like major things were to come in the future so of course I misjudged it and amied for 2012. But I believe right now at this very moment that a shift is occuring that you speak of. It seems that the 3rd spiritual plane is merging with the spiritual world and many people are going through a transitioning process. Becoming more a awakened beings and truly enlightened beings. I have had a interest in this project since its early stages, but I have kept my distance. I’m merely a teenager not an immortal. But I’m strongly empathic when people feel pain, I feel pain…when people cry I cry. I have had experiences with entities where it has come to the point that I was attacked. I’m obsessed with the paranormal I learn all I can about the metaphysics. I have been an outsider my whole life, where it has come to the point where I feel a million miles away. Most of this comes with my beliefs. Reincarnation, THe Law of Karma, The Law of Attraction, higher beings, spiritual dimensions…..the possibilties are endless. I’m not saying I’m an Immortal, I’m just try to find some kind of answers. After all I’m only a teenager, so maybe it’s possible that I’m enabling somehow. Well now that I’m done with my rambling…..I wish you all love and light. Also I know this project may bring you lots of pressure but always remember you are never alone, their is always someone to help and pick up the pieces.

    • Hello Dear Jessica,

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I want you to know that your age doesn’t make you any less important when it comes to this Project. In fact, I do believe that those of you who are young right now will be the ones who carry this Project into the future full speed ahead! Also, as to your saying that you’re not an Immortal. I would have to disagree with that…:) Of course, you may not be one who is destined to live an extended life in your current physical body and therefor may not be a “Physical Immortal,” but I think it’s fairly evident that your spirit blends beautifully in with the messages here. And also, your interest in the Immortals leads me to believe you absolutely carry some of the Immortal Soul Lines and would have an important place in this Network should you choose to be involved.

      Since you sound like you are a gifted empath, it might help you to listen to the recording I made addressed to the Priest & Priestess Lines. (The recording is also good for all the lines to hear, even though the Priest/Priestess Lines are emphasized.) You can find the recording by going to the Post called: A Word to A Dear Priest, or by going to the category, in the left sidebar, called Podcasts. From your writing, I feel strongly that you carry the Priestess Lines. And, since you mention being attacked by other entities, this is also a good indicator that you have these lines, and probably some others. One: Other entities don’t need to bother attacking those who pose no threat, and Two: Your sensitivity and awareness of the attack shows extra-perception on your part.

      Keep up your studies, and feel free to follow along with this Project as it progresses. As always, I would look forward to more communications with you to hear more about your experiences and how you are doing. Also, please feel free to keep asking questions and also offer any suggestions you may have…

      Take care, dear one,

  21. Snow says:


    I don’t know how to approach this with you but i have this…feeling let’s just say, and it’s a negative feeling i keep having. It scares me. But it seems it only triggers when a specific word or sentence is told. I know this may be out of the question but i am begging you to help me.

    With all your due respect,

  22. Iruss says:

    Hi mary I spoke to you once before. I would like to share my past I was born and dont remeber most of it. I was 13 killed my first deer my father asked me to take a bite out of the heart from my kill. I didnt realize it at first but it made me feel strong and alive. after that I was a loner through school and never had a true friend. when I graduated I joined the military when I was defiend special. went through infantry school learned about explosives all that good stuff. but my training was 32 weeks infantry was 13 weeks and I will not specificfy on much but my probelm is, I have certain people that have no idea what I am going through and I have tried to tell them most of them tell me I need to be in a mental institute, but medical personal says diffrent I feel the viabration and it scares me for the others. I dont know what to do I am a leader I want people to realize whats to come

    please answer my delusional concept because I would wish that I could take their place when what I see take place.


  23. NUM222 says:

    hi i am new to this site but i want to talk sometime to hear whats out there or maybe to hear somebody tell me what is out there or in here for me i always looking for new windows to look through and open doors to walk through
    mary seems like a nice person maybe ill get to talk with her too if im lucky lol tweet tweet.

  24. oldkid says:

    hi umm im oldkid just tryd a few things on not any replys yet ummill just give it some time i hope i can reap the fruits of my labour soon smiles and looks down to sigh

  25. oldkid says:

    im uhh realy interested in the project

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