IMMORTAL ONES An Invitation to Immortals Everywhere!

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Immortal Bloodlines



  1. To be sure that your comment is seen, please start new topics and leave all comments on the Blog Talk page listed in the left side bar of the Home Page. All other pages are static. Thank you, MG

  2. New pages have now been added where it is possible to add comments in addition to the Blog Talk Page.

    Please explore and feel free to add your thoughts and feedback on pages where comments can be added.

    NOTE: The Featured Category was created for the images on the Home Page, so the posts in that category are not open for discussion. If you leave your comment on one of those, it may go unseen.

    Please see other posts and pages listed in the menu (left side bar) and also in the right side-bar that correspond to your interests, and add your comments and discussion on those pages. Thank you.

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