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The 7 Immortal Bloodlines

When this project was born, many years ago, I referred to it as simply “The Gathering.” Over time, as the “Others” spoke to me regarding the details and offered more information about the nature of the development of this special Network, they began to refer to the people who would come together as “Immortals.” Through this channeled information, I also learned how there were 7 dominant Immortal Soul Lines most common on Earth and manifesting in the human species through the 7 correlating chakra energy centers.

Apparently, certain people are incarnating at this time to help with our planet’s transition who carry these ancient spiritual lines from their original soul-birth origins. These “older-soul” lines manifest in the body through the DNA, blood, and vibrational patterns invisible to the eye. We recognize their presence when we observe unusual spiritual and psychic abilities. Very often, I am asked if people can be more than one line. Absolutely! Yes! It’s more common to be a mixture of lines than it is to come across pure lines–at this time, they are very rare.

At the root chakra, with it’s deep reds and magnetic qualities, we find the lines of the Immortal Vampire exhibiting charismatic traits and abilities to transform life force, our most basic and necessary energy. Next, in the pelvic area, warm orange-colored hues emanate and circle protectively around the literal seat of creation. This second chakra reflects the energies of the Eternal Artisan or Creator. Moving upwards, we reach the center of the body, the solar plexus–a glowing golden orb sending rays of sunshine out to heal and mend wounds and physical illness. This is the focal point of the Physical Healers among us.

At the heart center, lies the compassionate energy of the Priest and Priestess, who, in the old paradigm, were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. While we hope to move away from martyrdom as a way to offer grace, these beloved Immortals tend to heal emotional and spiritual wounds simply by being present. Because their unique gifts often bring new life and hope to those they help, a living green color surrounds this chakra center. Above the heart, lies the throat chakra, a true blue color, and represents the Visionary Messenger. This Immortal is called to share his visions with the world through his voice or writings.

At the forehead, just over the third eye, we find a deep indigo aura of color. This is the realm of the Mystical Shaman. An Immortal who can travel between realms, cross dimensional boundaries, and bring back discoveries to share with the rest of us. At the crown chakra, where violet beams escape into the air above, the intentions of High Magi and Alchemists come to life as they manifest their magickal work on this earthly plane.

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