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What Is My Soul Line? Looking for Clues-Part 1

The Mystical Shaman

I have just received a letter which has reminded me that our journeys to self-discovery are complex and often confusing trips to take! This dear Immortal has been diligent in her attempts to discover which Soul Line is dominant in her life and was willing to share her reasons for confusion. Because so many of you have expressed similar feelings, I thought it would be best to share an audio recording of my response, as it might be helpful to others as well.

In my attempts to control rambunctious puppies, phone calls, and other background noises, I did forget to mention that this dear writer also disclosed abilities that have to do with the elements of wind and fire. Again, we’ll be talking more about Elemental Backgrounds, but these connections to nature cause me to lean towards the Blood/Soul Line that I have outlined in the audio file.

I hope you will enjoy it! I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts…

CLICK HERE to Listen to The Audio File-What Is My Soul Line–Looking for Clues–Part 1



  1. WerewolfHowler says:

    Lycanthropes, Therians, Changelings, and Other Shape Shifters is definetly my bloodline.

    • Hello There & Welcome to the Immortals Website!

      I’m so happy that you’ve taken the time to leave your comment. I know I need to add quite a bit of information about the Therian Lines. I was reminded through another letter that I have them positioned in such a way that they don’t seem as important as the other 7 Lines. That is far from true. They are equally as important and just as “Immortal” but manifest in a different kind of way–not necessarily through the 7 Chakra Energy Centers. I’m looking forward to sharing more about them in the future and also to learning more from those of you who carry these Lines.

      Please come often and help us all understand more about these lines that have all too often been misunderstood!

      In the meantime, take care, and my best of blessings to you,

      • Gabriel says:

        Well, I knew I would find some others eventually, but I didn’t think It would be through a website blog! The synchronicities that led me to your site border on ridiculous, and I think we can safely assume that there is a reason for the incredible resonance I am feeling when I read pages and pages of descriptions of the ‘soul lines’ that you have translated so well. I have almost exactly the same translations and have been writing them as they come to me for years and then living the lessons they offer in an endless search for perfection. I can feel the ‘familiarity’ toward you, even from here so i’m assuming your main association is with the throat chakra – another messenger.

        My lineage is threefold, and I’d love to discuss it in more depth with you if you are interested, It’s refreshing to realise I’m not the only Elven descendant visiting this damn rock!

        I’ve included my email with registration, so I hope to hear from you soon.


  2. shaun says:

    I have recently discovered this site and things are starting to make sense to me more now. i beleive i am an imortal and feel like the fog has cleared somewhat although i feel there is still a long way to go yet but am so glad im not the only one

    • Hello Shaun,

      Welcome to the Immortals Site! I’m so glad you’ve found us too! I am here to help with questions if you have some. I hope the content that is here and that I’ll be adding will continue to help you as you learn more about yourself and your unique destiny!

      Please visit often and let me know if I can help…:)

      Take care,

  3. Amber says:

    my mother and i believe in the spirit world. my mother has met an angel. how do i find out if both her and i will grow old together and both go to heaven when we transition after death? we both have abilities like my mom feels things about to happen and sees them in her mind, and i can see the future when i dream and i see it in the day sometimes too.

  4. Sara says:

    I have felt that same way Amber but not with my mother yuor dream seeing is or can be very common

  5. silverbottle says:

    I was not sure what to think about this site when I first explored and I still don’t know what to think. I am sending this message on curiosity and wonder. I know that many have written you for “answers” and I only hope that you can help me. I have always felt “ouy of place” with those around me. I want to believe that I am just another person walking the Earth for the short time we ae here, but I fell there is more to life than that. I have de ja vu a lot! When I was younger I would experience it more than now, but wasn’t sure about it. Now, in the past year more than ever, I have the distinct memory of dreams that have come true. They have not been of great importance, but I remember dreaming about specific times as they were happening. And now more than ever I have felt out of step with everyone else. Please help me determine if I have any connection to a bloodline or if I am just imagining it all. Thank you….

  6. Rosetta says:

    Wow… I believe I’m in the same spot as Shaun. I listened to the recording, and the shawman, Creator, Priest/priestess, Messenger and Magi (sorry I can’t spell very well…) lines all seem to describe some strange traits I’ve had lately…..

  7. wolfx000 says:

    i believe that im apart of the werewolf bloodline …….i have these strange feelings about werewolves and wolves period they make me feel good, coffident, and strong ……..but i have never experienced a transformation……..i also have this strange feeling that i was put on this earth to do sumthing great…..forgive my spelling

  8. wolfx000 says:

    can someone help me ?

  9. silverbottle says:

    I know I belong here, but I just don’t know how I fit in to all of this yet… I feel that something is building up, but I don’t know what it is…

    • Teloria says:

      I am pretty much in the same boat as Silverbottle…I have never felt like I belonged…was a major ‘black sheep’ of my family, felt and still feel entities, see shadow creatures and people…don’t really remember most dreams but have a great feeling of power building up is the best way I can describe it. And no, not like a superman type power, just power within..something is going to happen, just don’t know what or where I am within it. I have been empathic and I am trying to go deeper with that. Another odd thing about me, my eyes have always been blue…until sometime within the past 6 months…they have changed to green. hmmmmm

  10. thea says:

    i dont know what i am yet but i always feel like if there is blood i’m about to go crazy, and i believe in vampires and stuff but does that mean i’m a vampire too, cause yeah i hate the sun and i can only stay awake durning the night. so please tell me what i am.

  11. liviana says:

    hi, for three years people have been noticing i’m very different, like non human different, and i know that in my family tree in like the 16th century part there is like werepeople in my family. is it possible that it came back in my family and i am a pure wereperson? please tell me i need your help, and tell me if its possible. -liviana

  12. emerald says:

    Hi MG! I would just like to know further about this project.

    1) So once we identify w/ our bloodline, what exactly do you expect us to do? I find some of your recordings too general.
    2) How do you propose to organize us for the gathering?
    3) When is this gathering supposed to happen?
    4) What exactly are you expecting w the Gathering?
    5) How are we to prepare for when we immortals will “rule” the world and turn it into a peaceful loving place in unison with the universe?

    Sorry if this will turn out a repeat comment. I don’t know if the other page picked up this message as I was having problems w my connection.

  13. immortal says:

    I think i am an immortal, but would like to hear your opinion on this. i am perceptive to others thoughts and i also have dreams of the future (nothing big, just moments in time).
    But i did have an unusual experience once that i would like to share with you, my husband ended up in hospital with a very deep cut in his head, this was quite serious. when i arrived there and stood beside him i felt this overwhelming sense of love for him and automatically put one hand on his forehead and one hand on his chest, then it was as if the feeling of love and light was coming from me and surrounding him. i have never experienced this before or since. it was not something i had to concentrate on, it just happened…
    my husband felt alot better after this.
    i would like to hear your feedback on this – i’m still a bit freaked out about it.

  14. Lytha says:

    What you shared is the healing power of love, directed to the head and heart Chakras. You sent your soul’s energy into your husband. You instinctively poured out a marvelous life-giving energy by listening to your inner voice and not being embarrassed to follow through in the physical world.

  15. Tara Barker says:

    I feel confused all the time. i feel like i don’t belong were i am. i have dreams i don’t understand sometimes, i wake up screaming. some of these dreams become reality like i’ve seen it all before. Some of the people i hang out with, just don’t seem right to me. My school, my friends, my family, where i live. I just feel so weird, trying to think of where i came from. I think that i was put on earth for a reason. Like its my destiny to solve a mystery or a problem about something in the past. Like to find the right person to help me. i’m 15 years old. i’m one confused girl & i would like more information about me and how & why i’m needed. I believe i’m Immortal!

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