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The Immortals Forum

The Immortals Forum is Up & Going! Please CLICK on the Link Below to Visit the Forum and Join in the Conversations!


Why Do We Need or Want a Forum When We Already Have This Blog?

This Page is About The Immortals Connection and Why It Is So Important To The Immortals Project!

I want to tell you about several of the features on the forum and then share why I think it’s very important for those who intend become more active with The Immortals Project to become familiar and active on the Forum–Immortals Connection.

My Forum Story:

I’ve purchased a very good software for our Forum. vBulletin is one of the leading Forum platforms in the world. It was important to do this for several reasons, but mostly for security and variety issues. vBulletin has an excellent reputation for being secure so that your personal information can remain private and protected. In addition to the security features, I found their new release of the 4.0 version to be just what I was looking for.

For so long, I have wanted us to have the ability to have some kind of social networking site. I know that many of us are on Facebook, MySpace, and other Social Networks, but I’ve always felt it would be important for us to have our own site too so that we could bring the Immortals unique vibrations together at that virtual gathering space. I looked at many alternatives, and each one seemed to come with its own set of pros and cons. And then “a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…”

How it All Began…

A few months ago, a dear supporter introduced me to the world of forums. Yes, that’s right! I had never really had much to do with any kind of forum before that time. And, I have to admit, when she first started showing me around, I was still unimpressed. They seemed so cold and categorical somehow. I had been dreaming of a site with more emphasis on personal profiles and more images. She had patience with me, and soon she had me inside some pretty fascinating places.

Once I got past trying to learn how to navigate myself around inside the forums, I found that each little “Thread” could contain all kinds of wonderful comments and stories about real people who were willing to share and exchange information with each other. Then, she went a step further and introduced me to the worlds of the Play-by-Post Forums. I was intrigued, to say the least. Here was a way to write a collaborative story and also express ourselves through characters of our own making. Suddenly, the gamer inside of me leaped out!!!

So, I did my research, bought my server, my software, my skin and went to work designing our Forum. However, I was still discouraged. It didn’t look inviting to me…all those horizontal lines meant nothing…and still no images showing on a Home or Landing Page. Who would ever want to come here? I kept asking myself…

A few weeks later, vBulletin released a brand new version of their Forum Platform. This new version allowed for much more social emphasis. We got a Home Page set up in Magazine style, we received improved profile controls, personalized blog features, and a lot more. Now, this was starting to look like what I had first imagined! While implementing the new version slowed us down, as it had to be completely redesigned, it was worth it!

What Can We Do On The Forum That We Can’t Do Here?

This site, www.immortalones.com, is intended to be an introductory site. The messages and pages posted here are meant to announce The Immortals Project to those who find themselves interested. The same is true of my Youtube Channel, it’s simply an introduction to some of the basics behind the Project. In order to become more involved and actually take part in the Project, it will be necessary for us to meet each other, learn about one another, and actually begin work our magick on focused projects together. This is where The Immortals Project is different from many other Networks. We will be focusing on unified action!

Because we are in the very early stages of growth, we are currently most interested in getting to know each other through internet exchanges, blog posts, sharing of experiences, and asking questions about the Project in general. This is wonderful! And I look forward to getting up every day just to see what you have been adding to the site. I am fascinated by your ideas and so thankful you have been so willing to share your stories. And I plan to keep adding to this site on a continual basis and responding to your inquiries.

But I want to make something very clear! After a certain point, if you feel that you want to become a part of this Project or at least investigate it more seriously, you will need to subscribe to the Newsletter and become active on The Forum. There is simply no other way for me to reach out to you! This site will never to able cover the issues as well as they will be addressed on the Forum or in my direct communications with you through the Newsletters!

The Importance of Groups

Besides being able to have more access to better and more specific conversations inside the Forum, and the fact that you have many more social outlets there including the ability to create your own profile and blog, there is another, very important aspect to the Forum that we do not have on this site. We can form Groups there! This is a critical step in our progress as a Network. These Forum Groups will enable us to begin to gather together according to our interests and abilities. These Groups enable us to get to know others who are involved in the Project at deeper levels and decide who we are best aligned with and who we feel we can trust. These Group Allies will become extremely important when we start to form Real Life Groups with Real World Goals! The Forum Groups are our practice grounds!

What’s On The Forum Now?


Several people have made their way over to the Forum–www.ImmortalsConnection.com–and even though it’s only about a week old (in it’s new form) we have almost 100 users! I think that’s wonderful! And there are so many interesting conversations popping up, I can’t keep up with them. The Forum is definitely serving its purpose of putting you in better touch with each other and giving you the ability to help one another as you develop your spiritual gifts.


People have begun to create their own blogs. You may upload images, artwork, written work, links to sites you like and all kinds of things on your blog entries. I’ve been amazed at the creative talent showing up on the Forum, and I think you will too. Having your own blog gives you the ability to share your thoughts in your own way.


The Home Page allows us to add articles about the general progress with the Project and also add  spotlights about new things going on inside the Forum. This is a great feature, and as we grow, I hope to be able to include articles that some of you produce. The Forum helps us shift away from individual platforms and gives us a great place to begin work collectively.


We have started several groups, and I know it’s only the beginning. I wanted to launch a few just so people could begin to come together and decide on some projects to tackle as a team. Right now, there is a group for each Soul Line and one for the Otherkin. There are also groups formed for Global Concerns, Love Gatherings, Blessings & Wishes, Indigo & Crystal Children, Immortal Soul Mates, Immortal Teens, and Advisors. More Groups will come alive with time. And also, I’m sure we’ll see some of the larger groups divide themselves into smaller, sub-groups as time goes on and as they choose to focus on more specific issues.


While I want to make it very clear that The Immortals Project is NOT a Role Playing Network, it soon became obvious to me, while reading many of your posts, that the Immortals have vivid and extraordinary imaginations and a great need to express that exceptional creativity. For this reason, I decided to open up a special forum just for that purpose. You can create your own character, choose your region, and begin to write your story through that character. As you do this, you’ll also meet others along your path. I think we may find this online world will surprise us in our real lives too! This Wiki-Story Board part of the Forum is called: Immortal Realms

Your Invitation…

So, please consider this another invitation to become part of The Immortals Project. I know that many of you are just new to these ideas, and visiting this site for the first time. Please take your time and determine if you feel comfortable with the vibrations and messages here. But, if you do choose to continue to learn more about The Immortals, and if you do want to become more active, please visit and participate with us on the Forum. You can go there now by clicking on the link below. It will take you to the Home Page. I think your should read those introductory articles on that first page as they will help you understand more about the Forum and how we plan to progress with the Project.

After that, just click on the Tab called Forum, and begin to look around! At this time, ALL visitors are welcome to read any post or thread and take a look at all the Forum has to offer. You will need to register in order to be able to post, create a profile, or start your own blog.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Forum Dedicated to The Immortals Project!

Also, to stay in touch with us, don’t forget to sign up for The Immortals Newsletter!



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