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  1. denver bustle says:

    are there any others that have this feeling of want to help in the the area of crossville,or any wher near here I am in lancing tn .
    and it is time we start if we are to suceed. in helping
    I was touched my a healer when I was 5 and healed


    • Denver,
      You are so right! We need to start to gather together in small groups all over the country and in other countries too. I know you are eager to meet others, but please have patience. We are just beginning to grow, and so it might take some time to help you all connect. Also, remember, as you meet, you will still have differences and will need to have patience and tolerance with each other if we are to do the things we have been called to do. I found this out when I held some small meetings here in Phoenix.

      I feel a great urgency as just a few nights ago, I had a repeated dream about the whole Gathering. Only this time, they were quite clear that we must step it up! Evidently, we are meant to be very strong by 2012 and be ready to assume positions of responsibility. So, in light of that dream, I decided to advertise this past weekend on Google. I have learned that it is too costly at this time. We will all have to brainstorm some better ways to get the words out there so others who are meant to be a part of this can find us.

      I will mention in the next newsletter that some people would like to make contact with others in their local areas. I will ask that anyone who would be open to this should let me know. Then, I can get people in touch with each other. I have to be careful so as not to invade anyone’s privacy. We have a group set up on Meet Up. (www.meetup.com) So, that might be a starting point for you. You could join and then see if anyone else is in the group in your area. We may be able to link people up through that venue. Please let me know if you have any other ideas as well. I have put up a page on Facebook now and have a growing group of people inside of Second Life. If you are involved on those sites, it might be another place to post your question.

      I would love to hear more about you and your experiences at any time…

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Take care,

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