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Our Cosmic & Human Origins

Where Do We Come From?

Can We Trace the Immortals’ Great Heritage?

How Did Our Beloved Human Race Evolve?

These are questions that we all ask ourselves from time to time; and many great philosophers, authors, religious leaders, and teachers have attempted to answer them throughout all the ages past and present. I do not claim to have the definitive answer to any of these questions as it is apparent that the highest of powers keeps this knowledge under mystical lock and key. However, over the years, and through meditation, spiritual study, and channeling experiences, I have developed some theories that seem to best define how the Immortals Network will approach these ideas. This is the page where I would like to share some of that information with you.

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I believe that humans are evolved from diverse genetic backgrounds–both spiritually and physically. I feel that we were each born as a soul, at a specific point in time and space, into unique circumstances, and became a member of a certain “soul family” at the time of that creation. These spiritual families are as different and as diverse as the physical families we find here on Earth. Some of our ancient “soul families” are peace-loving, some have histories of warfare and tribal disputes, some are known for their cosmic travel and exploration, while others are revered for their powerful mystical abilities. No one is superior to any other, just different. I do believe, that as these “soul families” and ancient star civilizations evolve over eons of time, the more ancient ones learn that that highest and most efficient paths to joy, fulfillment, and enlightenment are the ones of peace and love. Therefore, I do think that we find “old souls” incarnating from those oldest of lines in order to remind us all how important the power of love really is.

So, yes, we come from the stars and galaxies, and even other dimensions, far, far away…”Trailing clouds of glory as we come…”

So, to proceed with the story…Many thousands of years ago, our precious Earth was discovered by one or more groups of these, already existing, extra-terrestrial cultures. Our beautiful planet was immediately recognized as a treasure trove of minerals and also as a rare and exquisite environment having the proper atmospheric conditions necessary for the creation of complex life forms.

As these various civilizations visited our planet, I believe they began to experiment with colonizing, mining, and genetic engineering–much as we ourselves would do today in a new, undeveloped land. I think that the plant, animal, and human life that we have on Earth today, evolved as a result of this other-worldly intervention. I personally believe in an over-riding higher intelligence of some sort, a God or Goddess, if you will, and a certain kind of hierarchy of “heavenly powers.” However, I feel that these power levels result from a natural evolution and the raising of vibration rather than from some sort of dictatorial decision or committee vote. In other words, we are all capable of reaching the highest of all points, it is simply a matter of time and fostering the positive changes we undergo on our soul’s journey into infinity.

Just as there are physical bloodlines unique to each earthly family, so there are specific “spiritual bloodlines” carried down into each being born throughout eternity. When these magnificent spirits of soul-light born so very long ago find their way into physical, human forms here on Earth–a true miracle takes place. A child is born, forever alive, unique, precious beyond all words, and irreplaceable! This earthly incarnation becomes an indispensable part of the great over-soul that we each have waiting for us behind the scenes. Our many incarnations and lives on other realms, and in other dimensions, will one day unite in the glorious total being of light that we were intended to become!

In some future time and place, we will live in a paradise where there is more equality, justice, peace, and fulfillment because the soul bodies that will populate that dimension will have evolved enough to create and sustain that kind of society. But for the time being, we find ourselves here on Earth with a very mixed bag of spiritual backgrounds and vibrational energies. It has been told to me, through my contact with beings not incarnate, that the time has come to launch a Great Gathering so that those who are here as representatives of the most ancient and powerful of all soul lines will have a way to safely unite and begin the collective work they are destined to perform. Evidently, they have come precisely at this time to join forces and create the critical vibrational changes necessary for the advancement of humanity.

While, in reality, we are all immortal, this particular Network is designed to accommodate the Oldest of the Soul Lines. This is not a project for everyone. Those who become members of this Network will respond to a certain vibration present in the messages I will be sharing. The Immortal Ones we seek to unite are very evolved souls who have come to lead the way for the younger souls among us. Their advanced soul age does not necessarily correlate to their earthly age, some are indeed “seniors” while others are still very young and even more are on the way!

This is a “calling” a “summons” to those who are meant to hear. This is certainly not intended for everyone. I am simply here to fulfill my part in this Project and offer you an invitation to learn more. Only YOU can decide if it is part of your destiny!

Your heart will know…your soul will whisper the truth to you…

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