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The Beloved Priest & Priestess

The Heart of The Immortals-The Beloved Priest & Priestess Soul Lines

Ah! The Beloved Priest & Priestess, we welcome you! With your spiritual energy emerging from your heart chakra, you are one of our greatest gifts as a Soul Line. Very often, at a great cost to yourself, you amplify the energy around you in an effort to emotionally heal and comfort all those that surround you.

We call you the “Heart Healers” as you tend to work with the emotional and spiritual healing patterns rather than the physical body. This can be very draining work, and so it’s always important for you to be in the company of other empathic souls who also have healing gifts to share with you. Christ, and other historical and religious figures like him, represent the perfect archetype for this soul line–beings so sensitive and self-less that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. Your energy surrounds and envelops those in need like the arms of an angel.

Do you feel a great empathy for others? Do you long to make the pain of the world disappear and often feel the weight of this responsibility on your shoulders? You are not alone! We know there are many of you out there who have come to Earth at this precarious time to be the Emotional and Spiritual Healers for our Species.

Green ribbons of rejuvenation and rebirth are evoked from your heart center–the fourth chakra–when you sense your gifts are needed. These soothing strands encircle your targets, and you literally pour out your heart’s great empathy through these healing channels. What would we do without you here among us? Your vibrational patterns forever keep our human heads above water!

We believe that it’s important for you, all Priests & Priestesses to find each other. You will be great supports for one another, and we need your precious gifts as we enter into the Earth’s new energy phases. As you unite, your powers will magnify and all of us will benefit. You will show us how to heal our bleeding, broken places!

To learn more about the Beloved Priest & Priestess Soul Lines, please subscribe to The Immortals Project Newsletter. We will be attaching documents and sending additional articles about this indispensable spiritual line in several upcoming issues.

NOTE: I added an audio a few days ago in response to a letter. It focuses on key issues that the Priests & Priestesses face. You may want to listen. You can find it on this site under posts-A Word To A Dear Priest-and also under Podcasts.

Also, to participate in discussion with others who share this Soul Line or who have the interest to explore further, please visit our Forum, and share your experiences with other Immortals!

The actual forum site: http://www.immortalsconnection.com is still under construction but should be up and running by July 2010!



  1. Genfree says:

    Hello all. First I would like to say Mary this site is coming together beautifully, keep up the good work. It took me several minutes to decided whether this would fit better under the visionary messenger or on the priest & priestess, since you are reading this here it’s obvious which I chose. I know I come from this line, and possible the visionary messenger (I feel a pull that says yes, but another part says no). I was wondering if these two lines could be closely related, or maybe the spectrum of the priest & priestess line could expanded to contact with those who have passed. The reason I ask this is because several months ago I was sitting in an office at work with several other people and heard my name from behind me, I look to see who may have said it and none of the people in the room had said my name. I believe that some one was trying to contact me. As I understand it priest and priestess, lets see how should I put this, are much like counselors, here to offer helping hand, a listening ear, and open arms. Could it be possible that this stretches beyond those that are walking the earth?

    • Well Hello there! So good to hear from you! And thank you for the words about the site. I think it will be much better than the old one; not only in style, but it allows for this blogging which is so important.

      Remember, it’s always possible to be a combination of more than two lines. So, you may be wrestling about the Messenger Line because you carry it, but it’s not dominant. I do think that people who are able to communicate with the other sides have at least one major line in the upper 3 chakra centers. Those centers are vibrationally closer to the other realms and allow the person to access them more easily. The more grounded lines of Vampire, Creator, and Healer work mostly with physical energy. It’s entirely possible to have one major line from one of these and another from one of the upper centers. I can think of a good example. There is a young man involved in the Project who is obviously a Creator and most likely a High Magi too. His use of systems and analysis come into play when he creates so the two lines interact very well.

      The Priest & Priestess Line lies at a critical juncture in the body as it is the bridge between the more grounded centers and the more ethereal. It is literally the heart’s job to balance the energies from above and below. So, in a sense, we all have to have a healthy heart chakra energy center to function at our best. This ability to balance and distribute life energy becomes even more critical for the Priest or Priestess as this is what is demanded in order to use your gifts.

      I think you have hit on something when you link this emotional healing capability to those who might be on the “other” side or in other dimensions. Very often, from their point of view, they don’t even perceive a difference between their situation and ours. It’s sometimes hard for them to communicate; and this is frustrating to them, but they don’t always understand why. Many deceased entities don’t even realize that they have left the earthly, 3 dimensional realm, for quite some time. So, yes, it would be very natural for them to reach out to the energy of a Priest of Priestess just as a living entity would, sensing that you could offer comfort, possible healing, and advice. I don’t necessarily think that it would have to involve the Messenger Lines to do this.

      The Messenger Lines deal more with people who have a role to play with those on earth similar to that of a prophet, or at the very least, a story teller or legend keeper of some sort. While The Messenger may receive information from the other realms through channeling, dream or vision work, it is still inherent in their nature to share that message. It is not so much a line called to offer assistance to those in the other realms as it is to serve as an Ambassador for them.

      From what you have shared here, I think that your Priest/Priestess Lines were manifesting when you felt the tug to help someone from the other side. They are a very viable group of individuals who could benefit from your support. Just remember, they can be every bit as draining, if not more so, as their living human counterparts. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to listen to the audio-A Word to A Dear Priest-because it does address issues you will need to be aware of.

      I think this sounds exciting! And what a great new discovery! It puts a whole new spin on “Spiritual Counseling.” I have been aware of others who deal with this, and do so very well, but I never did associate it with the Priest & Priestess Line so specifically. I thank you for sharing your experience and bringing this to light. I know it will help others too….:)

      Blessings to you, and let me know if this response was helpful…


  2. Bree says:

    Hey this is amazing! I think I belong to this line, can you help me make sure.

    • Dearest Bree,

      I’m so glad you’ve found us! Welcome to the Immortals! I am curious as to whether you have listened to the audio yet…I think a link is on this page, but it’s also in the Podcasts Category. It’s called “A Word to a Dear Priest.” I just want to know so that I don’t repeat all the information there that you may have already heard…:)

      Let me know, and we can talk more. I do feel that you probably carry both the Healer and Priestess Lines, but maybe the Priestess is the dominant one for you. I’ll be anxious to hear back from you. If you’ve already listened to the recordings, that will help me know where to start…

      Blessings to you,

  3. Kristin says:

    Hi. I just joined and I read all of the bloodlines and I believe I have 2 possibly three. And I was wondering if that is possible and also. How do you know if you are draining your energy and if your depression is being caused by it because people always feel better and “their spirits are lifted” in a way when they ask me for help on their emotional problems. I do struggle with depression and some days I feel really tired and sorta drained of energy after dealing with one of my friends emotional problems. How can I know if I am being drained of my energy from helping people or am I just depressed and that being drained is just a result of that.

    • Hello Kristin!

      Welcome to the Immortals site! I’m so glad you’ve found us and for your message. Did you listen to the recording yet called-A Word to A Dear Priest? I’m just wondering as it deals with problems that are very much like what you are expressing. If you already did, then let me know, and we can go from there…:)

      Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to have two or three dominant lines. However, you might be very dominant in one line and just need to look at things from a different perspective. You might also want to listen to the recording I just did called-What is My Soul Line? Looking for Clues-Part 1-as it deals with how several traits can still be reflecting just one line. Having said that, I think most people do carry two to three dominant lines. It’s actually very rare to just have one. (All the recordings can be found in the left side bar under the topic-Podcasts and Audio Posts)

      Please let me know what you think after you’ve heard those recordings and we can talk more specifically about the possible causes for your depressions and drained states…It’s very important to address those issues as they will lower your vibrations and powers. You may be involved with someone who is unknowingly draining energy from you as well, so we need to look at all the possibilities.

      Blessings to you,

  4. Kristin says:

    I have listened to the recordings and yes it does help a lot. And I also want to know if you can have 3 or more bloodlines. My friend thinks she may have 4 but I thought you could only have two. I have never had a past of depression in my whole life. My cousin also noticed that around my 13th birthday that my powers grew and I was becoming more depressed and sad and drained. I have noticed it’s harder to use my powers but when she is around she gives me some energy sometimes if she can but she won’t do it often because it drains her too and i just want to know how I can stop my powers from draining if I am the one draining them or if someone else is draining my powers and absorbing my energy without me knowing.

  5. Sara says:

    I do feel like i am drainning the life out of people but its not always me that does the drainning. it doesnt have to be you drainning it kristen.

  6. Sara says:

    what do priests do?

    • Well, if you haven’t listened to the Podcast-A Word To A Dear Priest-that would be a great place to start. That explains a lot about what happens to the Priest and Priestess Lines. They are Emotional Healers and tend to take on the pain and suffering of others trying to help their surroundings and fellow man. You can find that recording in the left sidebar of the site under the category of Podcasts…:)

  7. Sara says:

    ooo okay i will but not tonite. why are pristes named what they are named? how come we immortals were put on this earth i mean why us why not people more powerful in this world?

  8. MegFaith says:

    Greetings. For some reason I feel like I am a mix of this and an Alcamist (sorry if that is misspelled). But last night (during a thunderstorm) I could see the color blue comeing from my heart chakra with little green flowing underneath. It felt like water and saw my room gently flooding with this blue energy. … Then again I was listning to music. 😉

  9. Sara says:

    how come life is not conplicated with this stuff when we r born???????????

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