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The Eternal Artisan

The Exceptional Creator Soul Lines of the Eternal Artisan

With the gift of creation in your blood, you are the supreme builders-the most nurturing of the Immortal Soul Lines. Whether you are building something with your hands, or giving birth to ideas or children, the act of creation propels you into action and follows you wherever you go.

It is delightful to watch your ideas come to life, and you feel your best when you are expressing your artistic or organizational skills and talents.

A creative fire burns down deep in your core. This Divine, artistic vision blazes its way to the surface as you build, design, and manifest your dreams here on Earth. You have the rare ability to grasp elusive ideals from the upper realms and bring them to life as works of art, music, architecture, inventions, companies, homes, and other Artisans’ Creations!

The seat of this amazing power to manifest lies in your abdomen and upper pelvic area–the second chakra center of energy. It is governed by beautiful orange colors like those we witness in the trees and landscape at times of harvest. Male and female alike will feel a deep, warm glow of grounded energy as they feed their Immortal energies into this protected crucible of production–literally the womb of creation.

Without your contributions to our planet, we would live in a dreary world void of color, passion, art and structure. Thank you for blessing our lives by sharing your special abilities!

To learn more about the Eternal Artisan Lines, please subscribe to The Immortals Project Newsletter. We will be attaching documents and sending additional articles about thisĀ  creative spiritual line in several upcoming issues.

Also, to participate in discussion with others who share this Soul Line or who have the interest to explore further, please visit our Forum, and share your experiences with other Immortals!

The actual forum site: http://www.immortalsconnection.com is still under construction but should be up and running by July 2010!


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