IMMORTAL ONES An Invitation to Immortals Everywhere!

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The Mystical Shaman

The Mystical Shaman

Dear Mystical, Magickal, Multi-Dimensional Traveler! If only we all had the ability to travel at will between worlds and visit other dimensions like YOU! You are the True Immortal Mystic!  We are in awe of your abilities and wish we could go with you when you make your Inspired Journeys!

Because these Other Worlds,Times, Dimensions, and Spiritual Experiences are so very real for you, it can be hard to stay “grounded” here–feet stuck in the dense, Earth realm–and many of you often wonder if you even want to!  You may have started on these Fantastic Journeys as a child–remembering your vivid dreams and eagerly attempting to share your dream stories with your family and friends. By now, you may be able access these Other-World Realms at will, in other kinds of altered states, like meditation.

Deep blue Indigo halos circle around your third eye, a pivotal point between your eyebrows–the Sixth Chakra! We all have this “Third Eye” but, thanks to your Immortal spiritual lineage, you are blessed with an inherited “head start!” Because of your Immortal Soul Lines, you come with this added sense already open and ready to receive Great Visions!

As a species, the Human’s next step is to develop a broader vision–one that includes other worlds, dimensions, and beings. Just as we are expanding Earthly brotherhoods and  recognizing how small our World really is, so you will help us evolve into seeing that we are a part of an even much larger society. A Galactic, Universal, Endless Circle of Connections!

It is important to note, that because you are so familiar with other realms, it’s entirely likely that you may also feel a great kinship to other kinds of beings and/or feel strong affinities for other places beyond Earth’s sphere. Some of you may also find that you gravitate towards animal communications, shape-shifting, or may be able to change forms. For these reasons, you may want to take a look at the information about the Otherkin. You may feel an alliance with certain beings that comes from your involvement with them on other realms, or from an overlay (previous incarnations) that you yourself have had in these other worlds.

To learn more about the Astral and Other World Capabilities of The Mystical Shaman Line, please subscribe to The Immortals Project Newsletter. We will be attaching documents and sending additional articles about this adventurous spiritual line in several upcoming issues.

I’ve just added an Audio File that talks a bit about discovering your own Immortal Soul Line and deals mostly with the Mystical Shaman Lines.

CLICK HERE to Listen to The Podcast-What Is My Soul Line?

Looking for Clues–Part 1

Also, to participate in discussion with others who share this Soul Line or who have the interest to explore further, please visit our Forum, and share your experiences with other Immortals!

The actual forum site: http://www.immortalsconnection.com is still under construction but should be up and running by July 2010!



  1. Sara says:

    i think i have this in my blood line. when i have dreams i dont remember them, they are very weird, or idont remember them then they start too come alive in real life. what does that mean

    • Dear Sara,

      I think that this is definitely one of your dominant Soul Lines. Congratulations on finding your way to it! Keep learning more about the Shaman by reading and listening to the Podcasts and by talking to others who have these lines. Also, when you go to sleep at night, begin to ask that you will be able to remember more of your dreams. I think you’ll find, with time, that you will do better and better. You’ll be able to remember your dreams when the time is right and you are ready for their messages…:)


  2. Sara says:

    Cool i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have always wished something cool would happen to me with time.. thanks all you have said helps a lot!!!!!!
    thanks again,

  3. DarkenedSky says:

    This is strange, sometimes I have dreams like Sara does. My most recent one was where two people died, both were blondes and one was one of my friends. My family laughed at me when I told them but it was too real to be just a dream. When I forget about the dreams they sometimes come true and when that happens I get an incredible since of deja vu.

  4. Sara says:

    well tell your firend bout the dream and the suroundings dont leave anything out okay make sure you know any thing you can bout the dream i would make sure my friend know bout it DARKENDSKY

  5. Sara says:

    MG do our powers come from our ansesters?
    Or do they come from god?
    who many immortals are there in this world? how many do you know of?
    what line moms or dads do the immortal bloodline do they run in?
    I found out that i had a brother when i was younger and could he have immortal bloodline too?
    i dont know my dads side of the family that well? could that be cuz hes hiding something? What do i do?

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