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The Physical Healer

The Immortal Touch of The Physical Healer

The Physical Healer is an exceptional Immortal Soul Line. Throughout all the ages, those who have had the gift of healing have been sought after, cherished, and sometimes, even destroyed. Such is the enormous power and responsibility associated with this Immortal Spiritual lineage!

It is your nature to heal and comfort all beings that come into your presence. But you must be careful to guard yourself as you work and reserve energy for yourself so that you can continue with your special calling without suffering from illness or emotional emptiness yourself!

Your energy gathers right in the center of your being at the solar plexus and emanates golden beams of light when you are at your best. With these healing rays, you are able to lift the physical states of those you  come in contact with.

In your soul’s very core, at the vortex of the third chakra center, you merge your amazing ability to stay physically grounded while, at the same time, reach into the higher realms–the domain of your ancestral angels–and bring the healing forces back to our dimension. You are a true bridge for the living Earth and all of the creatures here, including humans, of course. Your Immortal Gift–to physically heal others–reaches out from this spinning, glowing, golden center of yours and wraps itself around those that are so in need and ready to receive your offering.

Do you already know that you are a Healer? Do you find yourself reaching out both physically and energetically to help those who are in need? Would you like to learn more about what might set YOU apart from others who have some healing capacities? We believe that you may be part of a very special group of Healers, one that has emerged to help our world at this crucial time. We believe that a group of Healers will gather together and reveal remarkable new ways to heal ourselves and our planet.

To learn more about the remarkable Physical Healer Lines, please subscribe to The Immortals Project Newsletter. We will be attaching documents and sending additional articles about this healing spiritual line in several upcoming issues.

Also, to participate in discussion with others who share this Soul Line or who have the interest to explore further, please visit our Forum, and share your experiences with other Immortals!

The actual forum site: http://www.immortalsconnection.com is still under construction but should be up and running by July 2010!



  1. Alayna Nash says:

    I have done some weird healing things like when my friend was kicked in the leg I touched her and she said she felt better.

  2. It sounds like you definitely carry the Healer lines. It would be exciting to hear more from you as you develop your gifts….:) Have you concentrated on learning new ways to heal, or does it just seem to come natural?

    Thank you so much for sharing your comment…

  3. Bree says:

    I love helping people and it it so easy to help people with emotional pain, but I can do pyshical too. But emotional mostly, but I think I am a Priestess, can you help?

  4. Sara says:

    I feel i have healed befor emotional and a litle bit pyhiscal. i am not sure what i am? can you help

    • Dear Sara,
      You do seem to have a theme of healing active in your life. I’m not sure whether you will find out that you can heal others or whether you continue to discover that you heal rapidly when you are injured or ill. It will be interesting to see how this develops for you…:)

      Feel free to share any stories about healing here on this page. That way, others who may have the gift of healing might find your words better and be able to offer ideas to you…:)


  5. Sara says:

    Thanks MG but i am pretty sure i cant heal sicknesscuz i have been sick for bout two weeks but i will keep it in mind!!!
    thanks again


  6. Sara says:

    I wish i could heal sickness i would heal my self scare my mom by doing that lol, then ask her to go to the hospital that way i get my blood type and then help the sick people there

  7. MegFaith says:

    Hello… I didn’t think I could heal, but at my friends sleepover one of my friends hurt their back so I gave her a massage(sorry if it’s misspelled) and she felt much better and asked me “How did you do that? It feels much better!” That reminded me of when I gave an old friend a massage and she said I have “magic hands” Dose that mean I’m a physical healer?, because I feel more like a priestess. :\

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