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The Immortal Vampire

The Powerful & Ancient Soul Lines of The Immortal Vampire

Introductory VIDEO About The Vampire Bloodline Below!

As one of 7 Immortal Bloodlines you will play a very important role in The Immortals Project and the Great Gathering! There is so much to say about the Immortal Vampire/Vampyre and the elite, ancient, and powerful soul lines that you carry. You have the amazing ability to transform energy into life-giving substance. Among other things, your kind will teach the human race how to extend the physical life span!

What intensity you bring to our world! Your passion, your sensuality, your charisma–these are all magnificent affirmations of your unique strength and connection to and deep understanding of the original life force. This Soul Line feels its energy expand at the base or first chakra energy center.

Do you feel RED? A deep dark crimson flowing through your emotional circuitry. Does passion lead you into activity and relationships? Are you attracted to and magnetized by sensual imagery and the lure of erotic pleasures? Do swirling patterns, shadows, and moonlight draw you into imaginative realms? These are just a few signs that you may descend from a spiritual or physical Vampire ancestry.

Dark and light exist side by side in all things, and so it is with the Vampyre.

It’s true, we all carry mixed lines and variations of Light and Dark as well, but this Soul Line-The Immortal Vampyre–is one of the most Ancient and Powerful of all Soul Origins. Legends tell of your Dark Ancestors but do not share the stories of many of your Kindred who work their lighter form of magick in the Shadow Realms. While legend stresses your dark side, the light force exists as well. You will need to find balance between these two powers to reach your highest potential.

There is a Great Gathering about to commence in our world. And those of you who have these Ancient Magickal Lines will play a very important role in the days ahead!

I uploaded this video to Youtube just before Halloween 2009, so thank you for your patience with the introduction and closing remarks about Halloween! The rest of the content introduces some basics about The Immortal Vampire Bloodline.

My First Video, which Introduces The Concept of The Immortal Blood & Soul Lines, can be accessed in the Right Side Bar of this site.

(NOTE:  There are several more videos on my Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MaryGabrielle331 should you care to investigate further. I plan to add more videos in the near future. Thank you!)

The Immortal Vampire will be a significant part of The Immortals Network which includes other Immortal Blood/Soul Lines. This page is only an introduction!

To get more facts, please continue to investigate by clicking on the link below!

To Read More About How The Vampire & Other Immortal Bloodlines Will Play Such An Important Role in The Immortals Project & The Great Gathering Click HERE!

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  1. oldkid says:

    mm hi ummm i like this part alot avbout the vampyre umm…what should i say or do here do you want to talk to me or i dont realy no …..ummm should i speak to someone in particular or do i just leave a reply i think this article suits me best since i seem to be attatchd to its features ummm i guess

  2. oldkid says:

    i didnt know there were people in the world today who liked vampyre people …last time i was around people and heard vampyre they wernt very nice or accepting to it umm sooo i dont know what to say mmmbut it seems this site likes the kind,,,ssso i dont mind talking about it i dont realy know how this site works mmmbut i wont say that i am immortal i dont want to say i cant die mmmbut i have been sick for a long time and me being sick seems to stunt my growth alot making it really hard for me to age ummm i havent aged in a long time my body does need umm,ya know blood alot because the inside of my body looses blood alot and i get sick if i dont get it in side umm i cant realy eat anything exeot water and meat if i eat other things body throws up and it just wont process it milk sometimes is ok for me i was diagnost as photosensitive by doctors when i was a young boy and i went to the beach for about an hour and my dad had to rush me home and stop at resturants on the way from hunntinton beach and cover me up in wet towels becuase my face arms and chest would blister very bad and i couldnt stop itching and i would scrath my self untill i bleed alot that when the doctors called me photosensitive,,,umm other doctors said i was annemic becuase of my skin tone and lack of digestion for food umm the only thing that was sort of sppooky to us all is that on my 21 birthday i never seemed to look any older mmm thats was a long time ago im not saying 100 years lol…but i will rate it around the 1970s that was when i was 21 mm i only have 1 or 2 picturesd i took of me on this computer and i dont mind posting a icture of me maybe you can see me for yourself how i look mmmthats why i named my user oldkid umm but i dont call myself immortal i never say i cant die though ive tryied doctors said to me that my immune system workls left and right 50 percent on each side so when i triggered what ever is in me the left side 50 went to the rite side and made my immune system work 2 times stronger then haveing it on 2 side umm i dont know if that makes any sence not alot to me anywasy mmmm strange enough the doctor was a tall woman with short brown hair and she didnt look like she had a tan either she kinda treated me like a mother the way she talked mm but i dont like to lie so i promise its alllll true i just saw vamopire things on here and thought mmmaybe that was a reason to rite this in realitty i dont go around people becuasde i dont want them to know about me and be groossed out but umm i dont know i hope i didnt make a mistake riting that thanks i hope it helps if theres people on here or out there that dont mind this and thinks its ok to talk it will relay make me feel nice inside i dont have alot of energy i am very slow and i dont get sick my breath is very shallow and yes i do breath giggles lol umm i dont have a tv or a fone and i dont use them either i live in alaska because of the cold i have to be cold and in the dark or i get sick very badly if i am cold and in the dark my body makes me feel better sssso ya i have a very hiiigh tolerance ofr cold wqeather i just miss talkinmg to people sometimes and when i read things on here that people didnt get freaked out i just wanted to through my self out here

  3. oldkid says:

    oh and i do live in alska but i come to the usa to visit my dad sense he lives here with 1 doggy

  4. oldkid says:

    oh sorry 1 more thing i read the project thing on the immortals or whatever it is really about and umm yes i wouyld like to invlve myself in the GATHERING soo if thats ok yes i want to be apart of it so thank you for the invitation i hope i meet someonein here

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