IMMORTAL ONES An Invitation to Immortals Everywhere!

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Are YOU An Immortal?

Are YOU Immortal?

This Great Gathering of Immortals WILL Change Our World!

Do YOU have a place in this Immortals Network?

Are You An Immortal?

Immortals are very diverse, unique, and remarkable individuals!

All kinds of people are coming aboard to join in this Gathering. All ages, all races, all cultures, all traditions–All kinds have found their way to these pages and into this new Network.

There are 7 Immortal Bloodlines which include: The Immortal Vampire, The Eternal Artisan, The Physical Healer, The Beloved Priest & Priestess, The Visionary Messenger, The Mystical Shaman, & The High Magi Alchemist. Our Project also includes the Otherkin and Other RealmsThe Fae, Elven, and Mer Folk, Lycanthropes, Therians, Changelings, and Other Shape Shifters.

If any of you have found your way to this site, it’s very likely that YOU may be destined to become part of the Great Gathering about to commence!

The changes our world needs will NOT come from the existing power structure! The current political leaders and power seats will NOT “fix” our problems. NEW energies are now in play! And very soon, new leaders–The Immortals will assume positions around the world helping us all to emerge into our next stage of human and planetary evolution!

This is the Network–The Immortals Project–That will Change our World!

Words of Caution: This Project is NOT for everyone! If you feel resistance or negativity here, this is not the place for you! No need to leave behind your words of hate or fear! This is simply not your calling! May you be blessed as you continue on your path…

HOWEVER–If you sense a feeling of affinity or resonance to this message, If you decide to investigate further, learn more about the Project, and If you become a part of this Gathering, Please know that your life will not just go on as usual! This will involve a commitment on your part.

YOUR Life WILL Change! YOU will Have New Responsibilities!

You WILL Learn How to Develop and Use the Magical Immortal Bloodlines Inside of You!

And YOU will play a major role in Changing the World!

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Our Beloved Earth

Earth Changes, 2012, and Other “End of World” Scenarios

Our planet is about to undergo some major changes that will shift our societies and cultures into new paradigms. Sometimes these Earth changes will be apparent in the forms of natural disasters like hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Others will manifest as “man-made” calamities–like large scale oil-spills and mechanical/electrical malfunctions, and disease.

But there are other ways we will see the effects of these changes too. I call these indirect or discreet shifts. These changes will show up as civil unrest, increase in war-like behaviors, increased greed, wide-scale depression, violence, and outbreaks of other “low-level” human qualities. Many of these things will be caused by vibrational shifts that are invisible to the human eye and are undetectable at the conscious level. The change in vibration and electromagnetism will be uncomfortable for many at a sub-conscious level, causing them to react in irritated and confused ways.

What will the Immortals do? Why will they come together? And how will they accomplish their task?

  • Immortals will begin to find each other so that they can strengthen each other and learn from one another
  • Immortals will develop their own magickal skills and begin to work in small groups directing these skills towards common goals
  • Immortals will find their Soul Mates as they come into the Immortals Project–As many are destined to work together as partners
  • Immortals will need to unite so that their individual powers can be exponentially expanded
  • Immortals will have far-reaching global effects, and assume new positions of responsibility in the world
  • Immortals will form this network at this time, as it is part of their destiny and feel called to take part
  • Immortals will accomplish what they came to do by being informed, compassionate, and focused
  • Immortals will be able to affect our world and human society by harnessing their unique and magickal skill set

And Just WHO Are These Immortals? What Kind of People Are They? Do YOU Have a Place Among Them?

Immortals are teens, children, parents, and grandparents. Mentors, seekers, geeks, gamers, techies, students, and employees. We are wizards and witches, mages and druids. We are conservatives, liberals, loners, and groupies. Goth, Emo, punk and metal-heads. We are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Agnostic. We are artists, dancers, and musicians. Businessmen and bosses. We are joyful, saddened, loving, frustrated, groping, and peaceful. We are ageless, changelings, star seed, indigos, crystals, and light workers. We have jobs, we are entrepreneurs, we are lost, we are homeless, we are millionaires. There are 7 Immortal Bloodlines:Vampires, Creators, Healers, Priests & Priestesses, Messengers, Shaman, and Magi Alchemists. We are Therians & Lycanthropes, Fae, Mer Folk, and Elves. We are metaphysical, practical, skeptical, and hopeful. We are ET’s, Walk-In’s, Otherkin, Humans, and Immortals. We are paradox, simplicity, complexity, and harmony!

So, if you find yourself interested in this Project and wondering if you would fit in, I’d say the chances are good!

What we DO have in common is Our Sense of Purpose, Our Goals for Human Spiritual Evolution, The Desire to Master our own Unique Talents, and A Willingness to put Differences aside and Establish some Real-World Change by Joining Forces!

As you continue to read more about The Immortals Project, don’t forget to…

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Is This Project For You?

There are some questions below that might help you decide if this Project should become part of your life. People who are currently involved find that they share a great many of the following qualities:

  • Do you ever feel like you have a special purpose or task to accomplish while you are on Earth? And that feeling is forceful and persistent?
  • Do you sometimes feel very “different” from most of the people around you…as if you may be the only one really “awake?”
  • Do you have an ongoing interest in spiritual or mystical things but are not able to find suitable answers in the traditional places like churches or schools?
  • Are you artistic or find that you have an almost compelling desire to create?
  • Do you have an interest in real Magick, the occult, healing, and other forms of paranormal or psychic phenomena?
  • Do you find yourself concerned about the future of our planet, our society and lean towards leaving a “softer” footprint?
  • Do you sometimes long to be in touch with others who feel the same way you do, share some of your unique challenges, and have the desire to bring about some real change in the world?

If you answer YES to most of these questions, then you will be in very good company as a Member of The Immortals Project. It is in your best interest, not to mention the world’s, to bring you together with each other. As a group, with focused, aligned energy work, shared goals, and magickal abilities, I know that you will usher us into an amazing new future! I have seen it in my visions! I am also aware that many of you have seen some of the outstanding and surprising possibilities that lie ahead!

To Read More About How The Immortals Project Was Started–Click HERE!

To Read More About The 7 Immortal Bloodlines–Click HERE!

To Read More About The Otherkin & Other Dimensions–Click HERE!

To Read More About Our Human & Planet’s Cosmic Origins–Click HERE!

To View Mary Gabrielle’s First Video About The Immortals–

Open up the Right Side Bar– “MORE”–You can view the Video from There!

To View All 8 Videos on Mary Gabrielle’s Youtube Channel Click HERE: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaryGabrielle331

A new Audio File has just been added to our Pod Cast Page!

It talks about ways to determine your own Immortal Blood/Soul Line.

Click HERE! To Listen to: What Is My Soul Line? Looking For Clues–Part 1

NOTE:  A few days ago, I received a letter from a dear Priest. I recorded an audio in response because there were so many issues to address. While it deals with things that the Priest & Priestess lines face, it also covers things that ALL the Immortal Lines experience. To listen to this audio recording you can go to the Post-A Word to A Dear Priest-or to the Podcasts. It might be something some of you would like to hear!

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