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Therians, Shape Shifters, & Changelings

Therians and Shape Shifters

True Therians, those who change forms in the physical world, and others who can enter into different species, have a difficult time in our world. Similar to the Vampire, these Shape Shifters have frequently been maligned in the media, have continually been represented as violent and vicious, and are linked only to their Dark Ancestors. Also, as is the case with those who differ from societal norms, they have had to guard their secrets in order to protect themselves and their families. These dear Immortals are wrapped in mystery and cloaked in obscurity.

As a group, they tend to be pretty grounded. With extraordinary “animal” instincts, these Immortals tend to feel close to Earth and natural surroundings. From what I understand, those who can truly change their physical form, begin to understand their unique challenges as they enter puberty. Very often, they are part of an actual physical family where these lines have already manifested in relatives. So, several of them do find that they have a support group, mentors, and teachers available when “the change” starts.

On the other hand, I have been contacted by a few “lone wolves” who have had no one to turn to and are deeply confused and scared about the changes taking place in their bodies. I hope that as time goes on, we will be able to find mentors for them through The Immortals Project since it is a very specific need and is not a role I am well qualified for. It is worth noting that we very often here of Lycanthropes-the Werewolf-and fail to realize that Shape Shifters are not limited to the wolf species. Many shift into bird, fish, and other mammal forms.

When in human form, I do believe that these people will find that they relate to one or more of the Immortal Blood/Soul Lines. As humans, we have 7 major chakra centers of energy, and these power centers vary in form and function from person to person. Strengths, weaknesses, blocks, and eruptions can occur at each of these points, and the activity at any given center offers clues as to which Immortal Line is dominant in your life. In order to function more easily in human form, it might prove helpful to look over the Immortal Bloodlines as you continue to investigate The Immortals Project overall.

I have included information about Therians under the larger Topic Heading of The Otherkin. Click HERE to Read More About The Otherkin & Spiritual Overlays!

There are different kinds of Shape Shifters aside from those who actually change form in physical reality. It’s important to recognize these Immortals as well as they are very powerful in their own right. I will call them Changelings. I know this word has several connotations but, when I use it pertaining to the Immortals Project, I am referring to those who can either enter their astral bodies into animal forms here on Earth or to those who can travel to other realms in astral form and find that they assume new forms upon their arrivals in other dimensions.

Click HERE to find out more About The Immortals Project & How Therians, Weres, & Other Shape Shifters May Become Part of The Great Gathering About to Commence!

To learn more about the Secret Abilities associated with The Shape Shifters and Therians, please subscribe to The Immortals Project Newsletter. As we learn more about their existence, we will be passing that information along to our members.

Also, to participate in discussion with others who share these Therian traits or who have the interest to explore further, please visit our Forum, and share your experiences with other Immortals!

The actual forum site: http://www.immortalsconnection.com is still under construction but should be up and running by July 2010!



  1. Marney says:

    This really hit the nail on the head. I am a “lycan” a wolf. but beleive I could be part Vampire or Succubus type. went through my first change in my early 20s and was alone. had others online but never anyone physical to turn to. most physical “werewolves” and such are highly NOT beleived in today do to humans science. I seek others like myself and this hit the nail on the head on what i did feel and go through.

    • Dearest Marney,

      I have left a reply to you on the Immortal Vampire page where you left your other comment. I am so happy that you have found this site and that you think it may be helpful. I certainly hope so and intend to maintain its integrity.

      Please visit and contribute often! I know there are many out there who could benefit from your insights.


  2. Marney says:

    Please ask any question you wish. I’ll answer to the best of my abbility.

  3. Grace says:

    Okay, I know i’m not mortal. I’ve always felt it through my blood and vains. I just don’t know my power yet. I’m not vampire or shape shifter … I can’t tell. Can you help me out please! If it might help you, I get very mad easly and my head starts pounding. My mom always tells me that my eyes have been changing color since I was born, I also think I can see one more diffrent color that no one else can see. I dont’ know. My life is Strange. I can tell you more later…

    • Hello Grace!

      Thank you for sharing your comment and welcome to the Immortals Site! I think it sounds like you do understand that you have something special going on. You don’t have to rush to fit yourself into any one category…:) These 7 Bloodlines and Spiritual Overlays are merely a starting point–so that you can begin to see where and how your gifts manifest. Eventually, this self-knowledge will really pay off as you learn how to better master your talents.

      It’s very interesting that you mention about your eyes changing color. Over the last few months, about 4 people have written to me about that happening to them too. It will be very interesting to find out what that particular trait means and what is significant about it. As far as anger, it might simply be a personality trait carried over from past lives and need to be handled–kind of one of your life lessons…:) But I do think Therians and Vampires are the two lines who most often have anger issues. It’s interesting that those are the very two that you clearly do not think that you have…:)

      It could possibly be that you do carry one or both of those lines in a more “spiritual” way, not necessarily physically shape shifting or going after blood, but still have those soul lines in you. Also, you could be angry from a previous existence that hasn’t been cleared yet. As some other kind of Otherkin, perhaps. This will take time and patience to figure out, but if you truly desire to know the truth, it will be shown to you..:)

      Don’t worry about not understanding where you fit in all at once. Just take your time, continue to read about the lines, and take time to think quietly, maybe even keep a journal of your thoughts as you continue to learn. Also, watch for patterns. What are the kinds of things that make you angry? That could tell us a lot about the reasons behind the anger and where it originates from. When you feel unknown power in you, do you get any sense how it wants to come out? What do you daydream about? All these things will offer great clues as you continue to unlock the mysteries behind your life…

      Please write anytime and let me know your thoughts. I will be interested to see what you find out….

      Take care,

  4. Sara says:

    I might be a shape shifter but i am not sure sometimes when i eat i need something jucisy. But last nite i craved something like that and i had a pieace of meat i and when i ate it i felt like i couldnt get enough of it. and i useally i dont do that! but i do useally want something jucisy at around midnite. help

  5. Sara says:

    What can shape shifters do for the earth?

  6. wolfx000 says:

    i always felt like i was put on this earth to do sumthin great……..but just a year ago i started to have these strange fasination of werewolves………its like i suddenly wanted to be a werewolf outta nowhere ….somebody please help me find out wat this means

  7. jack says:

    please tell me why do my eyes change collor when i am getting mad ???

    • Sara says:

      mine do that too Jack mine always turn red when i get mad but then i just goes away. well ask ur self this qestion do i burn up when i get mad?? if so then its probably cuz ur blood is boiling and it heats u more than usally whitch can effect ur eyes if ur tempicture is in the 100s then yes it could be cuz ur a werewolf but it dont always mean that thought!! keep that in mind

  8. jack says:

    um and by the way a year ago I got in a fight where one person was bigger than me with a meter but I put him down only by physical force I do not know If I didn’t hear my mom yelling at me to leave him alone later that guy alone tells me how my eyes change color and luster and incidentally I was 15 and a height of 1.20 now I try to keep my anger under control but without success please help me tell what is happening to me???

  9. jack says:

    how can i control this??? how can i control the shape shift???

    • MegFaith says:

      Dear Jack, I don’t know that much about this subject, but I may have some infomation to share. It seems like you change do to anger. Maby you can clam your mind, think about something calming. You can try to meditate to unlock your talent and find out what animal you are. It may be that if you inbrace what you are feeling that your powers will show themselfs.
      Sorry if I didn’t help you. Blessed be,

  10. jack says:

    my anger reaches it’s peak when the full moon is in place i seem to be faster stronger i can see things better , further even if it’s night or day and i can smell things that average humans can not smell the only side effects are this rage ……………………. i had done a full medical and psychiatric evaluation however it seems that nothing is wrong with me oh….. by the way my mother told me that i had born under a bad moon what is the meaning of that …..please tell me…

  11. jack says:

    and i forgot to tell you something ….. when i pass through the street all the dogs are barking but when i look right to the them they stop and start screaming of pain or something the public lights shut down when i reach beneath them …..

  12. MegFaith says:

    Dear Jack,
    Sorry I haven’t replied. I belive that the moon (and planets) affect our life (think of horiscope). A bad moon; I am not sure what exactly what that is, but my best gess is that it is the void of course moon. … Let me cut and pace something for you.
    The Moon becomes Void Of Course (VOC) after making the last major ptolemic aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) to a planet and until entering the next sign.** Traditional astrology will tell you not to sign on the dotted line or make major decisions when the Moon is VOC. This is NOT the time to shop till you drop or impulse buy. Whatever detail work you do now might have to be redone later. Astrological aspects represent incoming stimuli and when there is nothing incoming, it’s time to look inside yourself for answers. Get in touch with your inner process and emotions. Let the lunar or right-brain energy guide you through the VOC Moon. This is the time the Moon asks us to slow down and exist intuitively instead of in the usual do-it-now worldly linear rational mode. This is also the time that it’s possible to have invaluable insights and gain the spark of inspiration that will give you the energy boost you’ll need very soon.
    **Astrologers have various definitions of void of course planets. The method used on this website is the most currently accepted. deepastrology.com

    I am sorry but I have no real info. about this, but I will try and reacherch it for you.
    Blessed be,

  13. Rachel Kohrman says:

    Um I feel a connection to this website and I was wondering um how do I find out if I have a bloodline.
    sorry my comment is short but I don’t know what else to say but please reply back.

    • Rachel Kohrman says:

      Also I have the abilities of Aerokinesis and Empathy (which is developing/strengthening)

      • Hello Rachel,

        Welcome to the site! I know it’s been awhile since you wrote your message, but I wanted to let you know that I am reading your messages and wish I did have the time to get to each and every one of them. It’s fascinating to hear from you and learn about the things you are going through and the abilities you have.

        I want to let you and everyone else know that I am able to be much more active on the Immortals Forum. As I get busier, it has been difficult to answer questions in too many places. So, I would encourage you to check out the forum and begin to post your questions there. Not only am I posting quite a bit of information on that site, but others are there who would love to share stories with you, learn from you, and also help in ways that they can. It is a great place to interact with other Immortals!

        The website address is: http://www.immortalsconnection.com

        Thank you so much for your comments, and I’m so glad that you’ve found us! Please stay in touch!

        With love,
        Mary Gabrielle

  14. *CARL* says:

    i agree my name is carl i have the characteristics of a were wolf. like jack was saying i have same encounters . every time a full moon comes my body changes i feel , strong, fast ,good eye sight , and hearing . idk why but most of the time it creeps me out . im known to be hairy to but that runs in the family . my eyes turns hazel every time its a full moon . my mom and step dad says its a full moon your going to turn into a were wolf . but i try not pay it any mind . but i always had a thing for them. one day i was think en bout it and i walk in my aunts neighbor hood. and it was this dog and it kept barked so i looked at it. and he stopped and walked alway and i was like thats weird. but another thing even me and dogs get along very well . even if a dog is stray it still bonds with me i like and i get a good feeling bout it. i wish to find more bout this


  15. Shadow says:


    I just came across this site and i had a feeling that I should post a comment. My eyes change colour, not much though, blue/green/grey. i feel more connected to cats and birds. I have trouble sleeping when there is a full moon. I feel connected to the air and water elements, and my back. For many reasons, I believe I might be an indigo.

    yeah, that’s about it.

  16. jack says:

    hey carl where are you from…..???

  17. hopefully this comment doesn’t appear multiple times (it seems to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not certain if it’s actually posting), but all I truly wanted to say was great post and thanks for sharing.

  18. Ashley Marie says:

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I am eighteen years old, and have no idea what’s going on with me. I’ve somehow managed to find this site, and after looking around, I saw that you my be able to help me, even if it’s just a little.Well…I’ve always had a blood and vein fetish, but lately, for like the past few months, it seems to have escalated, along with my paranoia of someone watching me. Now whenever I see veins I have one or two reactions. I either gat aroused or I have an urge to rip them out of the person the belong to and sink my teeth into their flesh… it got so bad that one day when i was at work, an elderly woman and her husband were asking for assistance and I suddenly noticed that she had the largest bulging veins I had ever seen in my life. My eyes teared up, my nose burned and my throat constricted and my mouth felt dry. I hurriedly helped her then quickly walked away while clenching my fists. Then i cried behind an aisle because i have no idea what the fuck that was about and i freaked myself out…i’m always tired during the day but then i don’t want to sleep at night and out of no where all these people are attracted to me and sometimes when it’s hot i still get cold chills and it’s freaking me out…I also feel so old. Like older than others my age. Sometimes I feel as old as adults around me or even older. In the past, when I was younger, i’d always feel like I was born in the wrong year or decade. Ive had early interests in magic and tried to research it for several years. As far as religion goes, I’m spiritually a Pagan, as I believe in the power of many Gods and Goddesses who are aspects of a single god(dess)-head. I feel naked when I’m surrounded by nature; there is nothing there that I can hide. And even at times where I may feel like I’d want to hide, I would still feel the presence of a being, whether spirit or higher, that is always there with me whenever I am alone, and even as I write this to you. Other things I would like to note are that since my childhood, I have heard many voices of different sexes and ages call my name. Some would sound like a yell or like there’s some sort or pressure in their voices, but most of them are calm. I have seen two sprits in my lifetime, one of an elderly patient my mother took care of and another, a tall, dark being. My mother has also seen many in her life. She even asked me to see if the voices needed anything from me, but I do not know if I am ready to take on that role just as yet. I also have had very small premonitions, not many. I had one 8 years ago about a job i got two years ago, and everything matched up in that small dream. I also had dreams of a few places I had never been before, then get an eerie chill when I pass them or go to them for the first time. I also get many cases of deja vu, which I have had since I was very young, and my mother has them as well. People also flock to me for advice an I’m always glad to give it. I like feeling needed and the feeling I get after helping someone through a hard time. That’s why I want to become a doctor one day. I want to be able to help people change their lives for the better. I feel like I am here for purpose, but I do not know what that purpose is or what I am. I feel like i’m more than just human, but i have n idea what. Do you think you can help me?

    • MegFaith says:

      Dear Ashley,
      I have several reasons to your situation, but I could always be wrong. First of all, you are a sisster(a witch) as true as the sun, and as real as the river. That may mean that you pick up the ‘mature’ energy within the earth making you feel older, or you could be an Old Soul. Meaning that you are right that you are not in your original time frame. And for the whole blood and vain fedish, I think you might be a vampire. I hope that you get a chance to read this before things esculate.
      -Blessed Be, Megan

  19. Great items from you, man. I have take note your stuff prior to and you are simply extremely wonderful. I actually like what you have received here, really like what you are stating and the way in which wherein you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to stay it sensible. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.

  20. jack says:

    ooii tk’s for the hp

  21. jack says:

    it really helped the only side effect’s are that i can’t sleep more than 4 hours per night and increase’d agresivitty

  22. Avian says:

    Hey, I’m Avian. I’m a little nervous to be here, but I don’t really know what’s going on and feel more than a little out of place anywhere else. Since I was little, I’ve always felt more comfortable around dogs than people. I used to run around on all fours when I was little and bark, and play with the dog we used to have at that time. Everyone thought that was cute… until I was 7 and still behaving the same way. My parents got me to grow out of it somewhat, and the harassment I got from other children my age was enough to help me normalize, but I still have oddities that are weird. I feel uncomfortable and have anxiety attacks being locked up in a building all day, I love to run in the woods especially when the moos is out, I hate having my hair up and keep it down and shaggy, I yip when I’m surprised, I whimper when I’m scared, I’m more animal like than most and I can’t help it. I don’t physically change that I know of. I’ve been told by people I look like a canine, which was intended as a complement, and when I heard that I felt kind of proud. I know that I sound insane and weird, and I’m probably mentally ill, but lately I’ve been noticing other things. And that most people don’t have the feelings I do, and most people don’t act the way I do. I kind of hope you guys will just email me and tell me I’m normal, and just exaggerating. Help?

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